Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 trade package #7: a Card and a CB from Cards on Cards!

This evening on TMV I posted a huge haul from another awesome trade package thanks to Kerry of Cards on Cards.  I also noted that he threw in a couple more Wolverines for my collecting pleasure, something he also managed to do the last time we traded in September of 2012.  Once again, a trade with Madding ended up being very useful for my PCs:
Mike Matheny 2004 Fleer
Kerry and I have a couple PCs that overlap, and naturally, Matheny is one of them as he played for the Cardinals for five seasons and will soon open his third as their manager.  This 2004 base card is the one he had that I didn't already own, so I'm happily adding it to the catcher's PC.  This excellent play-at-the-plate shot is card #40 for Mike, which means I'm celebrating another mini milestone!

Donovan Warren 2010 SAGE HIT Autographs auto
I briefly worried when I pulled this card out of the package--I mean, not too much since Warren was a very good CB for the Wolverines, and of course I love autographs--because I thought I had it for sure.  The reason:  I actually have the Silver version, but somehow never picked up the "base" card.  Therefore, Kerry put me 33% further towards a rainbow that I'll probably chase with my next COMC purchase.  This is also my fourth overall Warren hit (all autos), all of which include him in a college uni, which gets a big thumbs-up from me.  Good looking out, Kerry!

Considering how much even just these two cards added to my PCs, I'll have to make sure to trade with this guy more often!  Thanks again, Kerry, for a great trade, and I'll try to make sure we deal more often.  Readers, please head over to a great blog written by a fellow college sports enthusiast (Oregon) and show some love for Cards on Cards tonight!

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