Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A St. Louis (not that St. Louis) trade post

Kerry/Madding from Cards on Cards sent me a great trade package centered on a bunch of 2009 Topps baseball (as seen on TMV) I needed to fill my set, but he managed to send some Wolverines my way as well:
 Baseball:  probably easier for him to give up some Browns than Cardinals.  I needed the Putz for my set and his PC, so that's awesome.  The Larkin is a nice callback to yesterday's post.
And football.  A couple Bradys, which I can always use, a new Harbaugh (who played nice with Jim Schwartz Sunday evening), a loooooong AC, a newcomer in Greg Skrepenak (OT picked by the Raiders way back in the 90s) and an old friend, Mike Kenn

Thanks for including these as well, Kerry!  Please make sure to head over to Cards on Cards and get this guy his St. Louis fix!


  1. I always end up with Sisler cards from people who mistakenly think St. Louis is St. Louis and send me Browns cards. Not that I'm complaining, really.

    1. But they say "St. Louis" on them! That's cool, I'll happily take any of them off your hands. Thanks again.