Monday, September 17, 2012

My Barry favorite Larkin card!

(note:  another double post with TMV since this one's big enough to include on both blogs!)

I have one more outstanding trade post to get to, but I'm wussing out and going with the quickie post today, especially since it's a card about which I'm very excited.

Today's post is even more relevant after Chris from Nachos Grande's insanely cool news, which you can read about in his post.  It started a few days ago when I was trolling eBay for my usual players and came across a very interesting card with a BIN/BO listing.  I lowballed and was automatically rejected, then added $5 and suffered the same fate.  Down to my last strike I made my BEST best offer, adding $5 more and knocked it out of the park like a HR from a certain recent HOFer:
Embiggened, because I SAY SO
Here you see MY best Barry Larkin collection piece--a 2005 Sweet Spot Signatures Red Stitch Black Ink auto (#162/175).  OMG, that's an eBay 1/1 #d to the number of games in an MLB season!

Yessir, this here's my first auto of the best Michigan baseball alum of my (sorta) generation!  I have no idea if I overpaid except for the fact that I know I'm so thrilled to have this autograph, there really isn't any such thing.  It's such a great card--the Sweet Spot design makes it 1000x better, and you guys know I loves me some Sweet Spot autos, like this other pretty good SS--that about the only thing keeping it from being an ideal card for me is that he's not pictured as a Wolverine, but then again, I won't even complain about that because Barry is so synonymous with the Reds, I don't think he should be depicted as anything but.

This ridiculous Larkin immediately shoots to the top 5 of my Michigan baseball PC, and honestly, it's definitely up there in my baseball autograph collection too.  And that makes it worth every penny I spent picking it up on eBay.  Any thoughts, Reds and Wolverines fans?


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    1. Thanks, Moe! I'll have to see if Barry has a good hit from 2008 Topps in honor of your blog.

  2. I'm like you, I love the looks of the Sweet Spot autos and that my friend, is a Sweet looking card. Congrats on that hit!

    1. Thanks, dude! Definitely time to curb the spending, but like I said, this one was totally worth it.

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    1. Thanks! Doesn't get much better than this as far as I'm concerned.