Sunday, September 16, 2012

This old Coot knows his Maize and Blue!

Dustin of Coot Veal and the Vealtones fame sent me an outstanding trade package this week that hit a lot of my baseball collections, including set wantlists, Tigers, and a few favorite players (check it out over on TMV).  Being the awesome trader that he is, though, he also included some very useful Michigan stuff, which gives me the opportunity to show it off right here:
How cool are those Abbotts?  I love the UD card of him as if he's in a Michigan dorm room.  For the sake of completeness, it's one of those "Stay in school" kind of cards, which is sort of funny since Jim did make the leap to the draft a year early.  He sure is rockin' that mullet, though. 
 Too many Larkins!  I'm sure I needed most of these, and at some point I'm going to go all Nachos Grande on you and list/scan/post all the ones I have too.  I was very happy to get this many cards of a newly-minted HOFer and one of my favorite Wolverines and MLBers of all time.  Still, I wasn't as happy as when this one fell out of the stack:
Sweet!  It's a Rich Hill 2006 Topps Opening Day, a card I still didn't have!  Well, now I do thanks to Dustin, and today I can say I'm at 86 different Hills, and 92 including my 1/1s.  Seriously, out of everything in the entire package, this was my favorite card.

Thanks again (again), Dustin, for a great trade, and I hope you liked the stuff I sent you!


  1. Sweet. I got two posts out of this trade. I never would've guessed that Hill would be the favorite.

    1. And I got two posts and two comments out of it! Yeah, since Hill has kind of become the focus of my collection lately, anything new I can get of him is gold. Thanks again!