Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 eBay purchase #2: feeling Rich with a Masterpiece and having a ball

Today's a bit of a minor blog milestone--350 posts--(actually, Jeff's tumbler post from Sunday gets that honor, so consider this my own celebration) so I decided to take a quick break from the 2013 purchases stuff and highlight the guy that usually gets center stage in such celebratory posts:  Rich Hill.

I only have one card to show off today, a January pickup, but I'd say it's a doozy:
Rich Hill 2008 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Signatures auto
I love, love, LOVE these Masterpieces autographs.  Better yet, as much as I like the 2007 version, there's something about the 2008s that just appeals to me more.  At a glance it might be the way the 2008's background and logo seem to have changed for the better.  The gold signature is also a nice upgrade, and Rich did a nice job on his autograph when he wasn't confined to such a small space.  Way to deliver on the title of your set, Upper Deck!

This is Hill #215/347 for me (and 227 overall with 1/1s), and it's also the 99th hit in his PC, not to mention the 248th hit in my baseball PC, hence the creation of the "almost milestones" tag.  They're getting tougher to find, but more rewarding because of it, so hopefully, stay tuned for me.

Now this post could be a bit underwhelming with just the one card to show off--cool as it is--so I decided now would be a great time to show off one of my last 2013 purchases.

You might all recall that back in October, Jeff and I advertised the MGoAuction, a fund-raiser for three Michigan scholarships.  Bidders could purchase all kinds of great items, including autographed memorabilia of past and present athletes, some of which included Michigan alumni.  I don't think I made any secret of what I was after, and a $30 bid later (it's for a good cause!), I had this:
That's blog favorite Rich Hill's John Hancock on a Rawlings Official League ball, with the added bonus of his jersey number, 53 (from his Cubs, Indians, and Red Sox days; he work 51 with the Orioles), and a "Go Blue!" inscription, which is ridiculously awesome.  This was truly a win-win situation in which my little bit of money is going towards a future scholarship, and I get a great new piece for my Michigan autographed memorabilia collection in return.  Hooray collecting!

I'll be back again this week with more 2013 purchases stuff, plus a trade post from a familiar name.

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