Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 trade package #2: Happy Drew Year from Jeff

Fellow Michigan enthusiast Jeff of My Sports Obsession sent me my second trade package of the year, a one-card PWE I was happy to receive since it adds yet another item to one of my many baseball PCs:
Drew Henson 2001 Just 2k1 Top Prospect Promos

This appears to be the "base" version of Henson's Promo card, and unlike the rest in the set (including the Gold parallels), his is actually numbered "BONUS," which is cool in its own way.  I do have the Gold version, by the way, which looks like this:

After being drafted in the third round by the Yankees in '98 and leaving Michigan (grumble grumble), Henson played a season of rookie ball that year and spent '99 in at the A+ level.  He then split 2000 among A+ (Tampa) and a pair of AA teams:  the now defunct Norwich (as pictured here) and Chattanooga in the Reds system after the July deal that sent him to Cincy (for less than a year).  His overall 2000 stats were sort of ok: .266 with 9 HR, but 107 strikeouts, and when his numbers got progressively worse as he moved up the ladder, it was clear he'd never pan out in the Bigs, and he finally gave the football thing a shot again after ending his baseball career in 2003.

This new Henson is my 23rd in his PC, and I hope many of you follow Jeff's example of sending me stuff for my baseball PCs!

Thanks as always for sending me stuff, Jeff, and you can look forward to a return package very soon!  Readers, please take a gander at My Sports Obsession for some more excellent player collecting coverage.


  1. The funny thing is I pulled that out of a repack box the same day you posted your Drew Henson collection (I'm a little slow sending), that was the only reason I knew you didn't have it.

    1. Well thanks for sending it to me. I can't say I've ever seen one for sale, even on COMC, which is weird.