Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 trade package #1: kicking 2014 off with (who else) SCFtDS!

Well, it's been at least 24 hours since I last received cards from Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store, so let's go check the mailbox--yep there's another package!  Fortunately I knew this one was on its way and responded in kind not too long afterwards.  Here's what I got from my 13th(!) deal with Doug:
I'm still undecided on how to handle Howe due to his checkered past, but he IS a former Wolverine.  The pair of Hardaway Jr. RCs is much appreciated since he played during a time I actually watched Michigan Basketball.  Ditto for Jalen Rose, of course, and bonus points for the Michigan uni cards!  Alan Branch
...well, Alan Branch Kills QBs, now, doesn't he?

After a Braylon I may or may not have is just my second Denard Robinson RC!  That one hails from the hobby version of 2013 Topps Prime.  Finally, one of just two hockey cards in the package (if you can believe it) is a Jack Johnson from 2012-13 Dominion that's exactly as thick of the other eight base cards combined!  Also it's numbered, so that's cool

And now, the meat of the package--shall we say, the Canadian bacon?
Mario Manningham 2012 Elite Down and Distance jersey (#009/299)
Just a note to everyone who trades with me:  though this is now my mini-milestone-inducing 40th hit of this here blog's namesake, there's NO SUCH THING as Too Many Manninghams when it comes to my collecting.  #40 is a pretty nice one too, featuring a very nice to look at colorful horizontal relic (with a rare interesting white jersey swatch) of Super Mario.  Panini did an excellent job of using red and blue to accentuate the Giants' jersey colors.  Bonus points for serial numbering make this a big winner for my PC.

Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Dominion Patches Autographs patch auto (#04/60)
And now my favorite card of the package for many reasons:  it's the highest quality, it's a player I'm PCing, it's an autographed relic, it's a guy wearing his Michigan goalie gear in the pros...I could go on, but this is a very exciting pickup for me thanks to Mr. buckstorecards.  I now have six total Hunwicks, half of which are hits, on my way to collecting his entire run if humanly possible.

I did say there were only two hockey CARDS in the entire package, but Doug included one more very unique gem:  a DVD of a segment on Canada's SportsNet covering Michigan Hockey coach and former NHLer Red Berenson.  That's just too cool for words.  I can't embed the clip, but check it out here if you're interested.  It's brief but does a good job of giving Red credit for getting criminally underdrafted college players educated AND ready for the NHL.

Thanks again for making a trade package interesting and diverse, Doug, and enjoy your haul as soon as you get it!  For the 13th time, readers, please point your browsers north of the border to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store--you don't want to be the last person that starts trading with the guy, do you? 

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