Saturday, October 12, 2013

Michigan gameday 2013 #6: at Penn State

Michigan heads east this afternoon for a stiff road test against the Penn State Nittany Lions.  Though the Wolverines are undefeated, the 5-0 record includes some pretty dicey wins.  Still, as always, anything is possible, especially after the way Indiana trounced PSU last weekend.

This is almost often an excellent game to watch due to the quality of both programs.  My fellow Michigan fans will likely enjoy this montage of 10 exciting moments from the series, all in favor of the Wolverines, of course, put together by Youtube guru WolverineHistorian:

Those of you who read this blog and/or follow Michigan should be well acquainted with #7, which is the origin of this image,
and of course my all-time favorite tag, "Alan Branch Kills QBs."

Moment #1 is also one very familiar to me as it occurred during my senior year in Ann Arbor:  2005.  #8 PSU was visiting a Michigan team having a down season, but Chad Henne and the Wolverines had exactly one second left on the clock and faced 4th and 4 from the Penn State 10.  Henne found a true freshman #86 named Mario Manningham streaking across the back of the end zone (for his second TD of the game) and the rest was history, including dubbing Manningham "The New Math (86==1)" and the origin of this here blog's name.

Here's hoping Brady Hoke's team returns to Ann Arbor undefeated for next week's matchup with the Hoosiers!

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