Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 eBay purchases #54 and 55: fat (but not stinking) Rich

I've been sitting on a number of eBay pickups, mostly from September, because I've been lazy and not posting much.  Oh well, more to show off now!

I've got two new scores for you today, and surprise surprise, they're both nice hits of this here blog's #1 favorite PC subject, Rich Hill:
Rich Hill 2008 SP Authentic By the Letter 'C' letter patch auto (#17/50)
I was hoping to have another of these to show off, and now I do!  Rich has eight cards in this set, spelling out "CUBS" and "HILL," so this letter obviously comes from the former, as does the "S" I previously picked up.  I think you've all seen enough of my collection to know I'm in no way averse to manu-letter cards--quite the opposite, in fact.  Hopefully I'll soon have another nameplate or two to show off to you guys!

Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Premier Swatches Autographs triple patch auto (#06/10)
I can't believe this card marks my seventh from UD's 2008 Premier set.  Better yet, it's triple patch card #3, preceded by a "base" and a Gold version.  This one is the first of the trio to feature an autograph as well, but all three include at least one purdy multicolor patch.  The one has the added bonus of its extreme rarity besides the signature, making it a very nice get for me.

And now I'll throw a few numbers at you.  These cards represent my 93rd and 94th Rich Hill hits, which is simply ridiculous, and I can't wait to get to 100.  They also push Hill's PC IHAS total to 204 (plus 12 1/1s), meaning he remains light years ahead of any challenger!

I still have a nice assortment of eBay buys to post, more of the new/existing baseball PC guys, and then there's still my Just Commons purchase I haven't gotten to yet!  Stay tuned for what will hopefully be a busy and interesting month of content.


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    1. Thanks! It's nice to see manufacturers making eye-popping patches like that instead of the single-color crap, eh?