Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Many more Michigan Men part 1: Chris Sabo

A month or two ago I embarked upon a project of scanning all of the cards in my collection of any other Michigan Baseball alumni not already included on my Player Collections page.  That includes anything that arrived via trade, was already in my collection otherwise, or was part of a complete set (or set in-progress).  As you can imagine it took quite a while to get everything done, but about 250+ cards later, I finally have something to show for it!  These posts will show off new player collections or new cards for existing PCs.  Some players will join the group that I supercollect and others will be guys I just pick up whenever I can.  If you have anything I don't and feel like trading, please let me know as I'd love to build up these collections!

Player #1 of this project, since I'm going in no particular order, is former MLB third baseman Chris Sabo.  Sabo, a native Detroiter, is mainly known for his career with the Reds but did see some action with the Cards, Orioles, and White Sox as well over the course of nine big league seasons.  Cincy took him second in the second round of the 1983 draft (#30 overall), and he made his debut with the club in 1988, a season that saw him earn an All-Star appearance and the NL Rookie of the Year.

1990 proved to be the high point of "Spuds'" career as he made another All-Star team while being part of the Reds' World Champion squad, hitting .368 with three HR and eight RBI in that year's playoffs.  While Sabo did put up some decent numbers the following year and a couple seasons after that, he really tailed off after '94, and called it a career in 1996.  While he won't go down as one of the all-time greats, he's still a noteworthy player due to his ROY award, World Series title, and most of all, his signature Rec Specs!

Chris' PC starts off with 29 different cards, all of which you get to see now, with a few bonus comments here and there.  For a complete look at his collection as it grows, please have a look at this album, and follow along on my Player Collections page as well!  By the way, I hope you guys like the Reds because there's more where this guy came from!
1989 Bowman:  a RC but no Rec Specs!
1989 Donruss #4:  not just a Diamond King, but a ROOKIE Diamond King!
1989 Upper Deck #180:  Nope, this isn't his RC, that's below, but those do form one of three pairs of cards Sabo had in 1989 sets
1991 Studio:  here's another of the few cards of "Spuds" without his specs, but I think it works well with the excellent studio motif
1992 Stadium Club:  WOOOO full-bleed action!  Sabo is ready for anything you'll hit his way.
1995 Pinnacle:  Chris played 68 games with the Orioles in '95 after signing as a FA.  I don't have any cards of him with any of his three other non-Reds teams.
1996 Ultra:  back with the Reds and loving it!

Total specs count:  24/29 (NOT BAD)

Stay tuned for more players soon--it took a ton of work to get everything scanned and ready, so you'd better believe I'm motivated to show off what I've got!

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