Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 trade package #20: a Barry nice envelope from Play at the Plate

Woohoo, I made it to 20 trade posts!  While I'd love to have more, that's still worth celebrating.  And fortunately, today's trade package is 110% worthy of that honor.

So about 14 1/2 months ago, Brian of Play at the Plate showed off the goods from a ridiculous College World Series contest he won over at blog Autographed Cards.  And what a haul it was!  He ended up with beautiful 8x10 autos of Hall-of-Famers Johnny Bench and Jim Palmer, and if that weren't crazy enough, he also scored one of my favorite all-time baseball Wolverines.  For that I sent him a nice package headlined by Rangers hits--a Will Clark auto and Michael Young quad relic, which he blogged about a bit less than a year ago.

Then things happened, as they do, and time passed, as it does.  But we all know Brian's a great guy and he's not one to leave you hanging on a deal, so I wasn't surprised, but definitely excited, when this showed up on my front porch the other day:
Now THAT, my friends, is one BEAUTIFUL autographed 8x10 of Hall-of-Famer (College and Pro!) Barry Larkin!  In that it nicely depicts the 1984-85 Big Ten Player of the Year in his striking Michigan uni while featuring a gorgeous (and huge!) signature, I'm beside myself with excitement.  I plan to get this in a frame soon and displayed along with my other Michigan autographed memorabilia where it will most definitely have a prominent place of its own.

Thanks again, Brian, for making sure this got to me safely after a great trade!  Readers, please make sure to catch (see what I did there?) some great blogging over at Play at the Plate today.


  1. I was going for the record for the longest delay in returning a trade package. Score one for me! I'm glad that photo is in hands that can truly appreciate it!

    1. How about longest delay in responding to a comment on a trade package post? Thanks again and all the best to your family!