Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 COMC pickups #23: celebrating the Notre Dame win with football...and baseball

Surprisingly I didn't pick up very many PC cards for myself on COMC last month, mostly because I needed to devote a decent amount of money towards cards for pending trades (which worked out great!).  Well, that and I'm starting to get to a point on the site where either there's less stuff that I need or the prices don't make sense right now.  Still, I did manage to score six cards total for my football and baseball PCs:

Chris Perry 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures auto manupatch RC (#80/99)
I threw this one on my watch list not too long ago when I did quick searches for a bunch of my football PC guys.  A perfect example of something from the manu-everything era, I thought it was a fun card to have for my Perry PC.  I don't really care about relics that much at this point, so it's not like I mind that the swatch thing is manufactured.  What's cool is that what's used makes for a more interesting signature area than the sticker that would have otherwise been used for this non-hard-signed card.  Add to that the fact that Perry was one of Michigan's greatest RBs and you've got a winner, especially for the few bucks I paid to snag it.  This becomes Perry's 31st hit (and football's 746th overall) and he remains 10th in his sport's collection.

Bobby Korecky 2009 Upper Deck Inkredible auto
Yeah, that was my only football card.  Weird, right?  Anyway, up next is this Inkredible (get it?  GET IT?)  auto of a player I recently decided to PC, Bobby Korecky.  As a guy who's only appeared in 22 Major League games (with a 2-0 record, perfection baby!), he never got a lot of hobby love, which makes plenty of sense other than the fact that lots of scrubs get tons of cards for whatever reason.  Bobby did make the most of it, though, as six of his seven issues are autographed, which is just crazy.  I now have four of those seven in his PC, and three of them are of the signature variety, so I just have three cards to go!

Rick Leach 1989 Bowman Tiffany
Leach is a guy whose PC has grown by leaps and bounds recently, as I detailed in this post.  This very polished junk wax issue is actually my 54th of Leach's 60 cards, and better yet, I have more on the way!  '89 was Rick's lone campaign with Texas, and he hit for a sorta ok .272/.358/.351 slash to go with a homer and 23 RBI in 110 games as a DH/1B/OF for the Rangers.  I now need just one 1989 card, also a Tiffany, this time from Topps Traded.

Clayton Richard 2010 Topps Black (#29/59)
Clayton Richard 2012 Panini Prizm auto
I continue my slow march to 100 in Clayton's PC with my 85th and 86th cards of him.  Considering what Topps' Black parallels generally go for, I nabbed Richard's 2010 version for a below-average price.  Similarly, sellers were asking not-quite-reasonable prices for his Prizm auto, but on COMC where offering is often easier, I was able to come in a bit under eBay prices to nab my third auto and seventh hit overall of the Padres hurler.  The two give me a new PC total of 86/131, and I wouldn't be shocked if I was near the century mark by the end of the year.  By the way, I can understand why people are down on Panini's sets like Prizm, not so much for the lack of license and logos as the meh-to-blah design, but it's still a nice way to grab cheap signatures of guys that don't always make it onto hits anymore.

Bobby Scales 2009 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor (#14/50)
As with Korecky, Scales is another guy I've mentioned that doesn't have a lot of cardboard, but given his brief MLB career that's fine, plus it makes him a bit easier to collect!  And despite his lack of hits, he does do a good job of making up for it in color thanks to rainbows in 2009 Bowman Chrome and Topps Chrome and several parallels in Bowman Sterling, from whence this purdy Gold Refractor hails.  I'd seen a few of them around, on the 'Bay among other places, but with COMC I got this for less than half the going rate, which always makes me a happy collector.  For some reason, gold and Refractors just go together like peanut butter and jelly.  So this card is very welcome to Bobby's PC as the 20th card so far out of his run of 31!

Ok, that's it for this brief COMC pickup post this time, but who knows, maybe I'll be back with more next month.  For THIS month I've had a nice steady stream of eBay pickups with a few other things mixed in, and those posts will combine with some other baseball PC showoff posts comprised of cards from my completed sets that I've been tirelessly scanning for your viewing pleasure.

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