Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 SportLots pickups #6: SportLots is Rich Hillarious

These cards are the last of my most recent SportLots purchases, but they likely won't be the last ones I pick up this year since the site's been so helpful to my PCs.

Bobby Korecky 2008 SP Authentic Rookie Exclusives
Korecky is technically a new player I'm chasing for my player collections.  I say technically since I WAS trying to acquire everything I could find of him, it's just that he doesn't appear on very many cards--just seven, in fact, with all but one of them being of the autographed variety.  I had previously found two of his autographs, then landed this 2008 SP insert, his lone non-autograph, on SportLots, and said, what the hell, let's try to find the rest.  I actually have one incoming, which will give me 4/7!  Follow my progress on this collection with the rest of my PCs on the page I've dedicated to that very chase.

Ryan LaMarre 2011 Topps Pro Debut
Ryan's cards are starting to get pretty hard-to-find for me at this point, and it's no wonder since everything left is now limited to 200 copies (one card) or fewer--as low as five (three of them) in fact.  I was happy, then, to pick up this final "base" card on the cheap, from one of Topps' cooler concepts, its Pro Debut set.  Cincy's 2010 second-rounder was indeed with Dayton for 60 games in his 2010 pro debut, and actually just made his AAA debut last night with the Louisville Bats in a win.  Maybe he can score a coveted September call-up this season!  Anyway, this is LaMarre #21/33 for me, and you know I'll be on the lookout for more!

Rich Hill 2007 Ultra Gold
Rich Hill 2007 Upper Deck Predictor Blue
Rich Hill 2007 Upper Deck Predictor Green
Rich Hill 2008 Bowman Orange (#008/250)
Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Mini Blue Backs
Rich Hill 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Quad Swatch Memorabilia quad jersey (with Wood, Ramirez, Lee) (#192/400)
Oh yeah, that's right, I collect Rich Hill from time to time.  I was ecstatic to find six new cards of Rich I needed, including another hit.
The Ultra "Gold" card shows just how much the former Gold Medallion parallel had fallen off at that point, with barely any distinction between it and the base (which is also true of the retail version).  Meanwhile, also from 2007, the pair of Predictor inserts rounds out the trio for me as I already owned the ugly Purple version.
The Bowman Orange was an especially sweet score because it completes the 2008 Bowman/Chrome rainbow for me, and I'll be showing that off very soon.  It's made up of 11 cards--a Bowman base and three parallels, plus a Chrome base and six parallels of that.  I actually own one plate as well, but I don't count those as part of rainbows for obvious reasons.
I also managed to add another 2008 Goudy insert, a Blue Back Mini to go with the Red I already had.  Three more numbered versions remain.
Finally, as I mentioned, I did score one hit (Hill's 92nd), the Ballpark Collection quad swatch.  Not only is it a cool four-way Cubs card, it actually sews up that set for me; I previously picked up this quad and another, a six-way, and an eight-way version.  The eight-piece card still makes me laugh since literally none of the players are photographed with the teams listed below them.
Needless to say, this Rich Hillarity was a major boon to my favorite player collection.  Statistically I now stand at 202 of Hill's 341 issues, marking another huge milestone.  To that I can also add 12 1/1s, easily blowing the rest of my PCs out of the water.  I don't know when I'll be adding to my Hill collection next, but I sure hope it's soon!

Now that I'm done with the SportLots stuff I'll be getting to my handful of COMC pickups from last month, plus a few new trade packages!

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