Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 COMC pickups #20: some nice ice for the summer heat

As I'm writing this the weather is actually quite mild in southeastern Michigan, which is fine by me.  Still, my relative proximity to Hockeytown makes for a good excuse to post more stuff of Michigan icers:

Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Score RC
Hey, it's a brand new Hunwick for my nascent PC of the former walk-on goalie!  Of the four of his cards I now own, this is certainly the lowest-end, but it's still a quality Score RC that again clearly features his college pads, which is very cool.  This was also the only Hunwick I could find on COMC for less than a dollar, for whatever reason.  Of course I hope to add more soon!
Mike Cammalleri 2006-07 Sweet Shot Signature Shots auto
If this card looks pretty familiar, that's because I already picked up Cammalleri's 2007-08 version.  Although there's not an enormous difference between the two, the price was right for this one, and hey, it's another hockey Mike!  I now have four hits of Cammy, three being autographs of some type.

Brendan Morrison 2004 TK Legacy 1996 National Champions auto
Easily my favorite card of the day is this Morrison celebrating he and his team winning the '96 NCAA title, in part because it was a flat-out steal at $3.50.  The TK Legacy football set, while not especially abundant, is reasonably easy to find, but the MultiSport cards are less so and usually go for a premium.  But more than that, this is just a gorgeous card that beautifully combines the maize of the jersey with the border, plus the uniform and helmet blue with the text, banner, and Morrison's signature.  It forms a fantastic trio of my favorites with goalie Marty Turco and coach Red Berenson.  This is easily my new favorite Morrison card (of the 16 I now have) and will be very difficult to top.

Jeff Tambellini 2005-06 SPx jersey auto RC (#1048/1999)
I actually just received my first Tambellini hit in a trade package from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, and now I have a high-end RC to go with it!  Tambellini put up some blistering college numbers in three seasons, including 65 goals, before jumping to the Kings, then being traded to the Isles the same season.  Not currently in the NHL, he's played the last two seasons for a Swiss team.  I hope to add some more nice stuff of him before long.

Marty Turco 2002-03 BAP Signature Series auto
Marty Turco 2003-04 SP Game Used Signers auto
What, you didn't think old Marty would let Morrison take the lead, did you?  As usual I didn't set out to grab more of one than the other, but I got outstanding prices on both of these autos.  The Be-a-Player is my clear favorite with a pleasing design that includes a nice on-card signature.  It's easy for me to prefer that to the SP card, which I don't ding so much for the sticker as its overall waste of space.  In both cases I love that Turco signed with his jersey number.  Thanks to these two he does in fact regain the hockey PC crown from Morrison with a new total of 17, eight of which are autographs.  I can't wait until his PC and Brendan's both hit 20 and beyond.

By the way, my new hockey PC total is 93 as of today, putting me a Sports Cards From the Dollar Store trade package or two away from a major milestone!

I'll be back with the rest of my baseball or football COMC pickups next time, so stay tuned.

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