Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 card show #2: 6-15: four sports, not a poor sport

On Saturday and Tuesday you got to see some of my pickups from last weekend's card show, and now today you'll get to see the rest right here:

Chris Webber 2004-05 Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitches jersey
This Webber, the four football hits you'll see in a minute, and a card I'll be trading, came from a surprisingly useful 6/$5 box of autos and relics.  This is actually the last card I grabbed to get up to the magic number of six; I had pretty much ignored the basketball stuff, but when I ran out of stuff from the other sports it took me just a minute to find a C-Webb that would at least be a bit useful to me.  All in all it's a decently nice purple Kings jersey, plus it's my 20th basketball hit, so I've got that going for me!

Drew Henson 2003 SP Chirography auto (#139/245)
This really nice Henson 'graph came from my second large purchase of the day, one which mostly included trade bait stuff, but still a bit for me too.  Chirography usually means a nicely designed UD auto, and I'd certainly say that's the case here.  I now have 12 Henson baseball hits and five of those are autos.

Marty Turco 2002 Topps Heritage Crease Piece jersey
I had just finished up the second large purchase mentioned above when I saw a stack of $1 hits on a table across the way.  These belonged to the same guy, and I happily plunked down $1 for this spiffy jersey, my 15th hit of my favorite all-time Michigan goalie.  I really do like what Topps did with the design here, down to the detail of the swatch being shaped like a crease, plus the wood grain.

Anthony Thomas 2002 Flair Franchise Favorites jersey
Anthony Thomas 2002 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings jersey
Anthony Thomas 2002 Ultra San Diego Bound jersey

Brian Griese 2002 Private Stock jersey
I got about as excited as you could be buying single-colored jersey relics when I found these four in quick succession in the 6/$5 box, let me tell you.  There's so much orange and white here you'd think a Creamsicle exploded!  For the price I was glad to add three new A-Trains, plus another Griese, putting them up to 32 and 10 respectively.  Two more minor milestones!  

Dan Dierdorf 1974 Topps
In Tuesday's TMV post I wrote about hitting up my favorite vintage guy, and as I occasionally do, I managed to score some football along with the baseball stuff.  This second-year Dierdorf card (which will go nicely with his RC!) set me back just $1, which was pretty reasonable considering how nice the condition is. This makes me wonder if I should try to get Dan's Topps base run from his playing career, that could be fun. Anyway, you know I'll buy THAT for a dollar!

Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch 1956 Topps
Here's easily the most interesting card of the day.  It's not a rookie and it looks like someone took a bite out of the upper-left corner, but it's still a super fun card to add to my Michigan football vintage PC.  As if "Elroy" wasn't a funny enough name on its own, Hirsch was nicknamed "Crazy Legs" by a Chicago sportswriter, a name that stuck, obviously.  A native Wisconsinite, Hirsch played for the Badgers in 1942, then transferred to Ann Arbor for a naval program, and here he played football for two years, managing to letter in four different sports in '43-'44!  Elroy starred for the '51 Rams, who won the championship that year, and he was later enshrined in Canton after a relatively brief but productive career.

How great is this '56 Topps action card of a guy nicknamed "Crazy Legs"?  For just a couple bucks I think it was my favorite purchase of the whole show.

Well, with that recap taken care of I should be back to my last few COMC posts, plus showing off a few eBay and Blowout pickups, so look for all that in the next week or two!

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