Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 trade package #13: great sports names from a HOF trader

Yesterday I received a much-anticipated trade package from Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.  He had picked up a few things on me from Listia before that well grew dry/expensive, and while I didn't know what to expect, I was excited all the same since Tim's very sympathetic to my Michigan collection.  Here's what I got:
Well, why not start out with a great sports name!  This is a Trezelle Jenkins 1995 Classic NFL Rookies Die Cuts insert, which is cool enough just for the die-cutting on the left side into the shape of a one, but then there's this:
Hand-numbering on the back!  This is definitely a cool and unique insert to add to my PC, which I'm certain has a dearth of Jenkins cards.  Trezelle, a Chicago native, played OT at Michigan from '92-'94, then was drafted 31st overall by KC in 1995.  Unfortunately, to say he was a bust would put it mildly--he started just one of his nine career games over three seasons with the Chiefs, then bounced around a few more practice squads before calling it quits.  He's still one of the best Michigan names ever, and thanks to future fellow alumni Jake Long and Taylor Lewan, it always makes me happy to see a Wolverines OT wearing #77.

Maurice Williams 2001 Press Pass SE Bronze auto
Well, this package just keeps looking up!  Williams is a brand new addition to my football PC, subject #121 overall.  Better yet, it's a college uni card featuring a superb auto.  Maurice was an OL in Ann Arbor from '97-'01, at which point he was drafted in the 2nd round, #43 overall, by the Jaguars.  He went on to play nine seasons in Jacksonville, starting 100 of 105 career games.  From the looks of the photo on this card, I don't think I'd mess with him even now!  Welcome to the PC, Maurice.

Charles Woodson 2003 Upper Deck Game Jersey jersey
That's plenty of offense, so it's time to get some D up in here!  Well, actually, Woodson could hold his own on O as well, but he'll go down in history as the first primarily defensive player to win the Heisman, not to mention one of the NFL's greatest DBs ever.  I definitely wasn't expecting something of him to come out of this package--Charles' stuff still goes for a much-deserved premium, so I'm only at six hits of the all-time great, and that makes this one a great add to the PC.  The sides are a tad rough and there's a bit of creasing around the swatch, so you could say it's been well loved, but the best cards always are.  Even nicer, despite the fact that this hit is 10 years old, it features Woodson in his current uniform!

Thanks again, Tim, as always, for surprising me with some great stuff!  I promise to get you back, even if it's only fodder for you to trade/sell to further your Senequest2013.  Readers, please point your browsers in a SpastikMoossedly direction and enjoy some fine blogging!


  1. Glad you liked em! The Woodson is definitely one of the reasons I began to sour on Listia...more and more stuff came damaged and that just didn't always work for me, especially when I was grabbing stuff for trade bait/sale bait or for other collectors like you. So no mas Listia for me!

    1. Well, at least you got some good value out of it when you did. And as far as the Woodson condition, I didn't mind receiving it like that in a trade, but I'd certainly be pissed if I'd paid anything for it. Thanks for picking up what you could!