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2013 COMC pickups #15: HOW long til college football is back?

Just two more 2013 COMC posts remain after this one!  For now, anyway--I haven't picked up anything else from there this month, but may work on another package soon.  After all, trade bait doesn't grow on trees!

Today you'll get to see the last of my Michigan football pickups, so without further ado, here's 10 new cards including nine hits:
I'm starting with this Ty Law as it's the "worst" card I'll be showing off today, which I find hilarious.  It's also actually the very last card I picked up this time; I had $0.51 left in my account with $3 set aside for shipping, and I don't really like leaving credit just sitting there, so I happy grabbed this beautiful 2009 Topps Magic Ty Law for a couple quarters.  '09 Magic is one of the few things Topps has done in the last five years that I can genuinely appreciate:  a gorgeous, artistic and old-school design featuring players in college unis.  It really doesn't get much better than that!  I had a few player choices here but went with Law because I really don't have much of him in my PC, base or hits.

As usual, here's the back, which is also very well done:
On the assumption that you can't read the trivia answer, I'll put it at the very end of the post, so have fun guessing.  Naturally I knew who this was right away!

Ok, now on to the REALLY good stuff:

Marlin Jackson 2005 Bowman's Best auto (#447/999)
I like Marlin Jackson, I like Bowman's Best, and I like autographs.  Yep, this one was a no-brainer.  I also happen to own the Green parallel of this card.  My Jackson PC has grown nicely so far and I'm happy with my new total of 14 hits of the former star DB.  He also has a fairly interesting, if not exactly legible, signature.

Kevin Koger 2012 Leaf Young Stars Draft auto
"Koger Plus" (which is probably only amusing to some of my fellow Midwesterners) has a nice autograph that's very consistent, which I can tell as I compare it to my other to signatures of the former TE:  a Leaf Draft and a UD from last year.  While I'd prefer to see him able to sign with an NFL team, I'm enjoying the benefits of his free agency, namely a trio of Kogers in his Michigan duds.

Jake Long 2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Super Swatch Silver Holofoil jersey (#32/55)
Jake Long 2008 SP Rookie Threads Signing Day auto (#138/180)
Jake Long 2008 Upper Deck Signature Shots auto
It seems like it's been a little while since I put together this many Long cards into one package, but that was happening quite a bit for a while, and that's certainly the reason Jake stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of the PC with a crazy 67 hits.  That the worst of the three today is a jumbo relic /55 says a lot about the quality of what I was able to snag this time.  The Signing Day auto had long been on my wantlist, mainly because I find the design so pleasing; I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I think the jersey/piping idea came out fantastic.  That card is a very, very close second to the UD Signature Shots auto, though--I've repeatedly professed my love for these beautiful, full-bleed photos in college unis, wrapped up nicely with great autographs.  From that same set I have Mike Hart and Shawn Crable, and I'll definitely want to track down the last one--Chad Henne's--whenever I can.

Mario Manningham 2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Super Swatch Green jersey (#98/99)
Super Mario, unfortunately, is still dealing with recovering from tearing up his knee last season, but hopefully he'll be able to return to action not long after the 2013 season kicks off.  And just because he's hurt, that doesn't mean I'd forget about collecting him.  I'm pretty sure I got this jumbo swatch from the same guy that had the Jake Long.  This one just happens to be a slightly different version.  Manningham now sits at 38 hits in the football PC, one card behind Adrian Arrington for 5th place.

Mike Martin 2012 Momentum auto RC (#481/799)
Martin actually has a pretty decent number of hits in 2012 products, and I'm betting that's due to the fact that he was drafted high enough to deserve it.  With as many sets as there still are in football, once you make it in you're pretty much assured of appearing on a ton of cards.  This one was a cheap sticker auto/RC of a guy I hope becomes a star for the Titans.  It's just my fourth hit (all autos) overall of Martin, but I bet I'll be able to get him into double-digits very soon.

Chris Perry 2004 Absolute Memorabilia Signature Material jersey auto (#165/280)
Perry was one of those guys who was just a flat-out star in college, and even if that didn't translate into NFL success, it's still a treat for me to pick up some of his nicer stuff, like this jersey/auto.  Some Panini products can look cheap and cookie-cutter, but that's almost never true when it comes to Absolute Memorabilia.  True, this may feature a Rookie Premiere relic instead of a game-used one, but as usual for me, the real draw is the autograph.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the rest of the design, which is the usual Absolute combo of shininess and thickness.  By the way, a small celebration is in store today for Chris, who becomes the 10th member of my football 30-hit club!

Charles Woodson 2012 Topps NFL Captains Patch manupatch
Now HERE's a card I was gunning for ever since they came out.  It may just be a manupatch, but it's a significant one for me as it identifies a former Wolverine star in a major leadership role.  I'd long since picked up the Jake Long from this set, but the Woodson proved to be more elusive for some reason.  Oddly enough, neither guy is still with the same team just a year later!  Anyway, when I finally saw it on COMC, I was able to cross it off the list for a reasonable $6.  It's my seventh hit of the former Heisman-winner and Super Bowl champ, and I'm going to make getting him to 10+ a priority.

That's all for today but I still have those last two COMC posts for you soon, plus some eBay and Blowout pickups that'll probably get combined into one catch-up post.  Til then, please join me in celebrating the end of another long, boring NBA season!

Trivia answer:  LaMarr Woodley, of the 2006 Steelers.

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