Monday, February 18, 2013

COMC haul #41: Rich Hill in black and white (and Chrome)

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Just two posts left after this one--are you guys excited?  Today you'll get the last 16 base/insert Rich Hills I grabbed from this haul:
Rich Hill 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft RC
Rich Hill 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft X-Fractor (#033/150)
Rich Hill 2002 Bowman Draft Gold
Rich Hill 2002 Bowman Draft RC 
Rich Hill 2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres
Rich has six 2002 Bowman Draft/Chrome issues, and I now need just the Refractor and Gold Refractor to finish those up.  I of course could take or leave the X-Fractor, and I still think the Gold parallel is a waste, but I really like the base versions of each--the 2002 set was a pretty nice design (and featured some other good RCs too).  The Prospect Premieres is an "XRC" for some reason, because MLB's rookie card rules are idiotic, but regardless, it's still a nice looking card.  From 2002, besides those Refractors, I'll need all three of the Futures Gem Quads four-player inserts #d /600, and those may be tough to find, but what's great is that I pretty much have all of Hills 2002s that I think are important.

Rich Hill 2006 Bowman Heritage Chrome
Rich Hill 2006 Topps 52
Rich Hill 2006 Topps Heritage
Hill then didn't appear again on cardboard until 2006.  I always considered Bowman Heritage to be a very superfluous and redundant set, but at least it no longer exists--check out that fugly design and background!  The Topps 52 looks very cool, however, and does a nice job honoring a historic set.  The Topps Heritage attempts to do the same, but it just doesn't do anything for me.  And again, MLB can take their stupid "RC" logo and stuff it because I know his true RCs are from 2002.

Rich Hill 2007 Bowman Heritage Rainbow Foil
Rich Hill 2007 Topps Allen and Ginter SP
From 2007, we have this pair of Topps products with pretty much the same photo, just different designs.  Again, I think Bowman Heritage is completely unnecessary, and the Rainbow Foil is pretty ugly.  Meanwhile, the A&G is a pretty typical A&G card and looks fine.

Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Timeline 1995 SP Top Prospects
Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck
Upper Deck to the rescue!  This pair of 2008s is pretty cool.  I was around for the '95 SPTP set, and while I never bought a pack, I did have a few of those spiffy die-cut cards in my collection at one point.  I thought the idea of looking back to that old design was nice, and UD pulled it off well.  The flagship card is also done well, with a nice photo and the 2008 design that I still admire.

Rich Hill 2009 O-Pee-Chee
Rich Hill 2009 Topps Heritage
Rich Hill 2009 Topps Update Target
Rich Hill 2009 Topps Update Wal Mart Black Border
The day's last four cards hail from the Baltimore portion of Rich's career, which was just the 2009 season.  O-Pee-Chee is a brand I never got into earlier in their existence, so by the time Upper Deck was using the name, I really didn't care.  The design looks fine, but it looks like it would have been an awful product to open, judging by the odds listed in the description at Dave & Adam's.  The Topps Heritage looks excellent and does a great job of using the 1960 Topps design, proving it's a set that should continue to exist.  Finally, the pair of Topps Update retail exclusives leaves me just needing the Black parallel, which is great.  I still think the retail cards are stupid, but like the look of the backs of the Target cards.  The Wal Mart card lives up to its association with the store by being ugly and useless.  The only way it could be MORE like Wal Mart is if it drew in underdressed fat rednecks to stores and prevented employees from unionizing.

So today's 16 cards give Rich a new IHAS count of 161 plus eight 1/1s, with plenty more to come from the last COMC haul post, a couple eBay wins on the way, and the next round of COMC pickups!

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