Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 trade package #4: James Chipps in with a new football hit

I made my first trade with Braves blogger James of Chipp 'n' Dale recently, and my end of the deal was very nice, especially as it pertains to this here blog.  He opened trade negotiations by offering my a nice hit for my football PC, which I'll get to, but first, check out a pair of Michigan baseball additions:
The Hill, a 2008 base card, is one I already had, but I'm more than happy to get dupes of cards from sets I have stored away in boxes in the card closet.  The Sisler, however, is new, which is great because he really doesn't have THAT many cards compared to today's players.  The back mentions what used to be his single-season hits record, since broken by Ichiro.

And now, the big prize for me:
Jerame Tuman 1999 Press Pass auto
It's mandatory that bloggers use the phrase "the scans don't do this card justice" once in a while, but that's only because sometimes it's true.  That's certainly the case here, as the gold foil really pops off the card in the proper light, highlighting a fun design that features a great college photo and the always-loved on-card auto.  What's cool about this particular photo is that Tuman is paired up with another future NFLer, OL Jon Jansen.  Jerame was a TE who went on to play for the Steelers (including winning a ring with the Super Bowl XL champs) and Cardinals.  Interestingly enough, he ended up marrying former teammate Scott Dreisbach's sister, making her very much a Michigan Woman.

This is only my second hit of Tuman (also an autograph), but that's not a big surprise since he only has three overall, with the third being a rarer version of the one linked above!  That's cool because it gives me something else to chase.

If you read TMV today, you already know this isn't all James sent as he also added nicely to my Tigers and Griffey PCs.  If you haven't seen that post, go ahead and check it out.

Thanks again, James, for a fantastic trade!  Let's make sure to get another deal going soon:  you find something else you like on COMC and I'll make sure to grab it while you pick up some more trade bait yourself.  Readers, please head over to Chipp 'n' Dale and get your own trading started off with James!

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