Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 eBay purchase #7: Putzing around with 2013 Topps

As I was on eBay a few days ago flipping through my saved searches of my Michigan PC players, I made sure to get an idea of the market for the cards of the only Wolverine player I collect to appear in 2013 products so far:  J.J. Putz.  As usual, there's a few parallels to collect, and I thought I'd dip my toes in the water to see what I could find of these, since I bet I'll be able to nab his base card in a trade with one of you before long.

I decided to watch an auction of his Black parallel since it had a nice, low starting price and $0.99 shipping.  To my surprise, my $3.99 minimum bid was enough, and a few days later I found this in my mailbox:
J.J. Putz 2013 Topps Black (#36/62)

I rag on Topps a lot, but there's still many aspects of their products that I like, and one of them is the yearly presence of the Black parallels.  I'm first in line for the crowd that wants to see the retail exclusives gone, but at least for me, the Golds and Blacks are a yearly tradition that should continue.  I'm even more in favor of the Black cards just because they have the "real" serial number stamping that the others lack.

My Putz collection moves up another couple cards (please see below) to a new IHAS count of 56 (including three 1/1s).

NOTE:  for yet ANOTHER recent Putz pickup, please check out my post from this evening over on TMV!

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