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COMC haul #26: another 13 for '13: hockey's back!

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So it sounds like hockey is maybe sorta could be back.  That plus the fact that COLLEGE hockey is still going on (though not so well for the Wolverines this year) is reason enough to show off the rest of my COMC hockey pickups!
Andrew Cogliano 2009-10 OPC Premier Stitchings manupatch (#029/199)
I already had a relic and couple autos of Cogs, but this looked like a fun and unique card to add to his collection.  The patch refers to games Cogliano's Oilers played in 2008 on March 7, 9 and 11 against the Blue Jackets, Hawks and Blues.  That's an NHL record and what's even cooler is that his game stick and gloves are now in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  I'll have to check those out the next time in I'm Toronto!
Andy Hilbert 2005-06 ITG Heroes and Prospects jersey
If this set looks sorta familiar, that's probably because I also have a sweet nameplate patch, also of Hilbert, that I picked up at a show a while ago.  Now THAT's a game-used jersey!
Bill Muckalt 1998-99 Be A Player auto
Muckalt's also not exactly unfamiliar to this blog as I also have a Bowman's Best autograph of his.  He was part of both of Michigan's "recent" national titles ('96 and '98) and that's as good of a reason for me to collect him as any, just like his teammate
Brendan Morrison 1999-00 BAP Millennium Gold auto
Brendan Morrison 1999-00 Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures auto
Brendan Morrison!  My favorite Michigan forward ever was well-represented this time with a pair of nice autographs.  The Be-a-Player cards are decent, if nothing special, but that Lone Star auto is super nice, and you've gotta love the on-card auto action.  Topps also used the same autograph set in Stadium Club baseball and they also had an outstanding design in my opinion.  I don't know what's so great about it, but for me, the design and colors just mesh well.  Morrison now needs just one more card to join the double-digit hit club, so that'll be a priority for me next time I order from COMC.
Eric Nystrom 2005-06 SPx jersey auto RC (#1310/1499)
SPx has been the home of some really premium RCs, and Nystrom's here is definitely no exception.  I initially thought this was a patch, but as it turns out, it's just a really nice multi-color jersey from a Flames sweater.  This is just my second hit of the former UM star and I hope to get more before long.
Jack Johnson 2007-08 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Puck Signings auto
JMFJ!  This is actually my SECOND hit of Johnson thanks to Douglas of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  Jack just has a REALLY nice signature, and I know I won't be able to resist getting more like this.  The Sweet Shot set is the hockey sibling of Sweet Spot sets found in baseball and football, and the manupuck auto idea is as fun as the manufactured hits in the other sports--in fact, it may be the design that makes the most sense.  A very cool card of my favorite Michigan defenseman ever.
Kevin Porter 2008-09 SPx jersey auto RC (#431/999)
Porter was an absolute beast for Michigan, especially during his senior season when he led Michigan to yet another Frozen Four berth (where we lost, sadly, to Notre Dame) thanks to his play that also garnered him the Hobey Baker award, a.k.a. the "Hockey Heisman."  Like the Nystrom, this is a really cool way to pick up a RC of one of your school's greatest offensive players ever.
Marty Turco 2006-07 SP Authentic Sign of the Times auto
Ok, we've got my favorite forward and defenseman, so why not my favorite goalie as well?  There was NO way I was gonna let this package arrive without at least one Turco hit, and as it turns out, I did quite well with this very nice looking autograph.  SPA's Sign of the Times set has been around seemingly forever, which means they've had plenty of time to get it right, and they sure did here.  This card is also special as it allows Turco, my hockey PC's hit leader, to be the first to reach the double digit mark as I now have four relics and six autos of the former Wolverine record-setter!
Mike Cammalleri 2005-06 Beehive Signature Scrapbook auto
Mike Cammalleri 2007-08 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Puck Signings auto
Cammalleri was the other player to be represented twice this time.  After picking up the Jack Johnson, the Sweet Shot auto went without saying, and I'll have to pick up any other Wolverines I can find from that set.  The BeeHive autograph is also very cool as it attempts to go for a retro look and feel, something I think it pulled off very well.  
Steve Halko 1999-00 BAP Millennium auto
Halko, a former UM defenseman, actually owns a distinctive NHL record:  "With 155 career NHL games without a goal on 96 shots, Halko has the most games played of anybody who has not scored in their NHL career."  While that's not exactly a positive thing, it's great that he was able to make it to the NHL along with many of his teammates, and surely he'll always remember winning the '96 national championship his senior year.  He also has a really nice signature, no?  By the way, newcomers Halko and Porter bump my hockey unique player count up to 20.  That's milestone #2 for this post!
Steve Shields 2005-06 Be A Player Signatures auto
Lastly, Shields was a pretty successful goalie for Michigan in the early 90s.  He parlayed that success into a nice career in the NHL, albeit mostly as a backup, and played for six different teams, including Buffalo, who drafted him, and the Panthers, as he's pictured here.  I actually have a couple other autographs from the BAP set from that year and I'll look for a few more as it's a great looking set.

Those lucky 13 additions give me the chance to celebrate one more milestone as well:  I now have 53 hockey hits, which means I've finally crossed the 50-hit mark for the sport.  I mentioned in my list of resolutions that I wanted to hit 75 by the end of the year, and that certainly looks feasible.  Maybe I can even add a few new players to this PC while I'm taking aim at that goal.

Now that I'm done with hockey it'll be back to football and baseball the rest of the way, and who knows what I'll put out and scan next for your entertainment?  Until then, GO BLUE!

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