Saturday, January 5, 2013

COMC haul #25: a Perry long overdue return to football

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

It's been more than a week since I posted some football pickups, so to right that wrong, I give you the following.

I picked up five hits of Chris Perry, one of the best Michigan RBs of all time.  As it turns out, I screwed up and only needed four of them, but that's still four more than I had before!  Here's what I picked up:
Chris Perry 2004 Finest Refractors auto (#031/199)
Nice timing since I just posted about Refractors on TMV, eh?  This is an already nice looking card that's easily improved by its Refractorization.  Even better, I can see the improvement myself since I already own the regular version.
Chris Perry 2004 Fleer Platinum Pro Material jersey auto (#151/394)
Amazingly, this is only my second auto/relic of Perry (though I do have a few auto/patches/manurelics).  Sure, it's the dreaded "event-worn" relic, but I've always cared more about the autographs anyway, and Perry delivered well in this case.
Chris Perry 2004 Hot Prospects patch auto RC (#339/350)
Definitely my favorite of the four I needed in this package.  You simply can't go wrong with a patch that looks like that being paired up with an autograph of a player you like.  It's second only to this guy as far as my Perry patches go, but it's definitely a close second.  Sweet!
Chris Perry 2004 Upper Deck Foundations Signature Foundations auto
Finally, there's this solid, if somewhat plain, sticker auto.  Stickers generally don't bother me--I'm just not a fan of the hologram background the card has going on.  With that out of the way, I like the rest of the design, the excellent action photo, and of course, the autograph!

For the sake of completeness, here's the other card I picked up, not realizing I already had it (which is easy to do when you have more than 600 cards in a PC!):
Chris Perry 2004 Playoff Contenders auto RC
That's going in my football trade bait for now, so if it interests you, please let me know and we'll work out a deal.  Otherwise I'm happy to hold onto it for now and eventually sell it on COMC or Listia.

Chris' hit PC now stands at 29, and the human preference for nice, round numbers means I'll probably try to grab at least one more next time I make a COMC purchase, plus I'd love to get another guy in the 30-hit club.  The football total moves up to 607 and the all-sport count reaches 816.

I'm thinking of going back to baseball tomorrow, but I'll make sure to keep up appearances with my football pickups too.  GO BLUE!


  1. Chris Perry was the Running Back when I first really started to pay attention to Michigan football (I originally watched mainly basketball). So I do enjoy getting his cards (or seeing all of them here).

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I really got into Michigan football--like watching every game--just a few years before that, during the career of Anthony Thomas, but Perry was even better in many ways. Sorry for the lack of Michigan uni cards today! I do have plenty of those to show off eventually, though.