Tuesday, December 11, 2012

COMC haul #18: IHAS and Caz

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

Just a quick post today.  First, my last two COMC Freehan pickups, continuing from the TMV post I put up earlier:
Bill Freehan 2002-09 Michigan TK Legacy #L58
Bill Freehan 2004 Michigan Multisport TK Legacy #B1

I included the TK Legacy Michigan cards in his PC count because I make the rules and I felt like it--and THAT, my friends, is what collecting is all about.  While I definitely prefer the autographs to these base cards, the latter can still be fun, and in this case it's cool to have Bill as both a Michigan football and baseball player.  To recap his new totals from the TMV post:  my new Freehan PC total stands at 55, plus a plate and an IP autograph.  The 55 count puts me nearly halfway to the total of non-1/1s I came up with.  As a reminder, here's my current checklist/have list and the album that contains his PC.

But that's not all I have for you today!  In honor of Michigan basketball's outstanding 9-0 start, plus their game against Binghamton tonight in search of #10, I give you the one basketball card I picked up in my recent COMC purchases:
Cazzie Russell 2010-11 Ultimate Collection All-Time Draft Signatures Gold auto (#56/75)
Yep, who else but Cazzie Russell?  If Crisler Arena is the House that Cazzie Built, this card joins the PC that Cazzie Built.  Thanks to my completed letter/auto project, he's the most represented member of my tiny basketball PC as he moves up to nine cards.  By the way, if that photo looks familiar, it's probably because UD reused it for the aforementioned letter/autos!

So hopefully I didn't jinx Michigan Basketball into a let-down game.  GO BLUE!

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