Monday, December 10, 2012

COMC haul #17: Avant Cardes have me hoping for 800 more

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HI!  The subject of today's post is Jason Avant.  You may remember him from such posts as "Merry Avantmas!" and "All Avant For Christmas is a Good QB."

I was inspired to post Avant stuff today after his ridiculawesome catch in yesterday's win over the Bucs.  What catch am I talking about?  Peep THIS:
From MGoBlog
Of course, Wolverine fans like myself weren't as surprised as the rest of you that he was able to pull off such a difficult grab, considering he did THIS against Northwestern while still in college:
From MGoBlog
The bigger surprise is that the Eagles actually got the ball to him--a LOT.  While he hasn't been racking up TDs this season, he's starting to accumulate some nice yardage now that his QB isn't Injury McCan'tThrow.  What a revelation for Philly that their possession receiver who showed excellent hands in college is able to catch passes when a semi-competent QB is throwing his way!

Anyway, here's a TD's worth of cards of Avant I picked up from COMC the last few months:
Jason Avant 2006 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey-ball-jersey auto RC (#033/100)
I already had the non-auto version, so why not grab this one too, since it's 100 times better when signed?
Jason Avant 2006 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor auto (#35/50)
Here's another instance where I already had a lesser version of a card, then found one that was waaaaay, way better.  The scan doesn't do it justice?  The scan doesn't do it justice.
Jason Avant 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rookie Jerseys Trios jersey-ball-jersey (#36/50)
Nope--I didn't already have a version of this one, but it was a nice frugal pickup in either my Black Friday or Cyber Monday package, I can't remember which.  For under $2 I got a sweet triple relic of a great WR.
Jason Avant 2006 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Materials jersey-ball-helmet auto (#24/50)
Ok, ok, this is the last triple relic of the day, and quite possibly the highest-end card, with stiff competition from the BowChro Goldy.  What sets this one apart from some of my other hits is the presence of a piece of helmet, which you don't get all that often these days relative to jerseys and pieces of football.  This is easily in my Avant top-10 thanks to the great triple relic variety, a sweet signature, and the Blue parallel.
Jason Avant 2006 Press Pass Legends auto
Avant will never go down as a legend at the school, but he'll definitely be remember as one of our better WRs to go on to the pros.  What we have here is a typically nice Press Pass design:  solid photo, nice area for an on-card auto, and as always, players in college unis.  Hey Jeff, ::CollegeUniHighFive::!
Jason Avant 2006 SAGE Autographs Red auto (#636/999)
More college uni goodness on a pretty good SAGE card, though I wasn't as high on the years where they used the holographic stickers that really obscure the autographs.  Still, it's a parallel of the Bronze version I already have.  Will I try to grab the rest eventually?  You never know!
Jason Avant 2006 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Class Marks auto
Last one, and it ALSO includes a nice college uniform shot.  Thanks to this one, I now have Topps DPP Class Marks autos from 2005 (Marlin Jackson), 2006, and 2007 (Steve Breaston).

And now, what I know you've all been waiting for:  milestone time:
  • Avant jets up the football PC leaderboard past 30 with his new total of 34
  • More than 20 of those now feature autographs, which I thought was worth mentioning
  • His 34 cards put him in a three-way tie with Adrian Arrington and Mario Manningham for 5th in football
  • Football stands at 599 cards.  Who'll be #600?  I dunno, we'll see when I post next!
  • And today's biggest news:  the Michigan all-sport count has cracked the 800 mark with a new total of 804.  With all the other marks being attained around here, including 150 baseball hits and (soon-to-be) 600+ in football, this is also a very exciting number to hit.  At some point I'll have to put together a post that charts the progress of when I hit certain totals
So have a Merry Avantmas, everyone, and come back for football hit #600 soon!  And the next time life throws something difficult your way, just ask yourself, What Would Jason Do? and haul that sucker in with a one-handed catch.


  1. Merry Avantmas to you too. I hadn't seen that catch from Sunday but I love that MGoBlog has been doing a lot of those .gif's lately.

    Nice pickups, especially the Michigan uni's, you know I like those best.

    1. Yeah, I didn't see that catch live either, but saw it plenty afterward. Thanks, and color me shocked that you enjoyed the last three cards the most!