Sunday, December 9, 2012

COMC haul #16: that's two Rich

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

I've got yet another pair of Rich Hill cards to show off today, and in this case, today's post should be the last that combines a COMC purchase with one from eBay, at least for a while.  Hell, I've managed to avoid buying a single thing so far this month, and I'm working on keeping that up, but I'm not sure how much longer I can last!

Anyway, I had to show these off as a pair because they're variations from the same set, with the differences being different foil and lower serial numbering.  Yep, that's it, but that's the life of the collector.  Here's what I picked up:
Rich Hill 2007 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures Reflections dual auto (with Sean Gallagher) (#23/40)
Rich Hill 2007 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures Reflections Gold dual auto (with Sean Gallagher) (#02/20)

The version #d /40 is the most recent card I picked up from eBay, and it only set me back about $4.50, which I thought was nice.  The gold version came from COMC and cost a bit more than twice that, which sort of makes sense since it's twice as rare.

I don't have a lot to say about Gallagher other than the fact that he's not terrible, and was at least at one time a decent prospect.  To be fair, you could say the same about Rich Hill at this point, as both have transitioned to careers in the bullpen while bouncing around with several teams.

These cards are pretty cool as they're extremely thick, especially considering they don't contain large relics, but that's Exquisite's MO.  Despite the fact that both signatures on each card are stickers, UD does a decent job of offsetting that by placing them over a foil stamp which sort of hides most of the sticker.

That's all well and good, but the bigger news that comes with these two cards has to do with milestones, which you all know I'm big on.

First of all, I now have 60 different Hill hits as part of my baseball PC, and he's the first player in any sport in my Michigan PC to reach that mark.  Football's Jake Long isn't far behind, and I have more stuff of him to post, but I'll go ahead and ruin the surprise by saying that Rich will still come out far, far ahead.

Note #2 is that these two give my baseball PC a new total of 150!  It was back in May that I finally hit 100, and without counting ahead, I'm curious to see how close I'll be to 200 with the rest of my COMC haul stuff.  As always, it's nice to have another goal to look forward to.

Finally, in not so much milestone news, the new Hill PC IHAS count rises to 116, with many more to come!

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