Saturday, May 12, 2012

eBay leaves me feeling nutty

This week was an excellent week for eBay pickups for me.  I've definitely been trying to keep my spending for the month down since I already plunked down a nice chunk of change at a card show, though even after that and several eBay and Blowout pickups (more to come) I'm still under my monthly average, which is nice.

I found it pretty easy to justify these four pickups, though, since they're all essentially on my wantlist and not just stray cards that I didn't have the willpower to ignore:

Cazzie Russell 2011-12 SP Authentic By the Letter C patch auto (#23/50):
As with most of the others, I got a pretty nice price on this one.  I now have six of the eight letters that spell "MICHIGAN" and only need "A" and "N", which a good eBay lead on the latter.  If you see an "A" anywhere, please let me know and I'll make sure to reward you with some sort of finder's fee; I did see one on eBay earlier this week combined with an "H" (which I already have) but it was coming out of Hong Kong and I didn't feel like waiting that long.  That's ok--I'm patient, and I'll have this fun project completed soon enough!

And here we have three more letters from Zach Putnam's 2008 Razor Letterman nameplates.  The unnumbered "N" gives me four of the six of that nameplate (I need the "P" and "T", so again, finder's fees!) while the /20 "U" and "T" leave me just the "M" short of a full nameplate.  If one of you helps me find that I'll really make it worth your while!

I decided to have fun and scan all three of those together, but I left out the Cazzie in this case for obvious reasons--I do try to be safe for work/kids most of the time!  On a just-as-fun-but-not-as-R-rated note, I finally got over the hump and passed the century mark in my baseball PC!  Hooray for more milestones already this year.

Stay tuned for more recent pickups pretty soon, and hopefully the completion of one or more of these nameplates!


  1. Nice! Not sure why you couldn't add the C though, I mean what does CNUT mean, is that some new teenage term? Or is it NUTC? I'm lost.

    Just kidding, of course. Great pick-ups. I've already said how much I like the Russell's and Putnam's. Since I can't afford to buy anything, I enjoy seeing your collection. Keep posting

    1. Yeah, guess it would have been funnier if I had a "P" to add to those. I'd be happy to show off more of them for you, but since the number of each I need has dwindled, it might be a while before I do!