Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Tenth Cents

I may tend to focus most of my effort and dollars towards autographs, relics and some of the higher-end stuff that comprises my PC, but I also know a good deal when I see it.  I see a lot of you other bloggers expound upon the virtues of the dime box time and again, so, taking your lead, I took advantage of a virtual version thanks to a recent Blowout sale thread.  A guy was selling some Refractors and numbered inserts and RCs for a dime apiece (plus $2 shipping), and for a measly $3, I picked up 10 cards, nine of which you'll see here (the other is destined for a Friend of the Blog in a future trade package).  They were as follows:

  • Braylon Edwards 2008 Topps Finest Player Collection Refractor:  a gorgeous blue card--in Refractor form!
  • Braylon Edwards Silver Holofoil (#030/100):  I'm not sure if there are even 99 other people that care for Bray-Bray at this point, but I'll take whatever I can get!
  • Prescott Burgess 2007 Topps Chrome XFractor RC:  there are times when I don't care for XFractors; this is not one of them.
  • David Baas 2005 Sweet Spot RC (#686/899):  Baas never got much card love, but he'll gladly offer to let you talk to the hand (which now includes a Super Bowl Ring) if you choose to make fun of him for it.
  • Leon Hall 2007 Bowman Chrome Refractor RC:  This is a beautiful set to have been made into Refractor form, and I hope Leon earns it by recovering from injury and returning to form as one of the league's top DBs. 

  • Braylon Edwards 2006 Elite Passing the Torch (#0494/1000):  A sweet numbered Panini insert (there's a surprise!) that has a fine history.  Oddly enough, he was paired with another former Browns WR, Paul Warfield--a Buckeye!
  • Brian Griese/David Terrell 2001 Topps Chrome Combos Refractor:  This is sadly a duo that never panned out in the NFL, plus they didn't ever get to play together in college, but it's still a nice combo for an insert, and it's nice to see players paired on a card based on their alma mater.  Also, it's a Refractor, duh!
  • Braylon Edwards 2008 Gridiron Gear Playbook (#229/500):  Kind of a throwaway insert, even if it IS numbered, but it's still a fairly cool theme, even if the design didn't end up pulling it off without looking kind of bland and cheap.  Yep, that's four Braylons, almost half of my haul here!
Not bad for $1.  I hope to have more opportunities to pick up fun cards this cheaply again as the dime boxes around here at shows have long since ceased to be of any use.  I ask you all, where else can you have this much fun for $0.10?  (Please refrain from replying with references to anyone's mother, girlfriend, etc.  Unless it's hilarious, in which case, go for it.)

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