Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday is Bray-Day

Another tiny Blowout purchase arrived in my mailbox today.  Football PC hit #511 is this
Braylon Edwards 2011 Topps End Zone Icons manupatch
These cards are definitely as cool in-person as they are in scans.  This is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of manupatch, but in many ways, especially taking into consideration the fact that it's produced by Topps, it's pulled off quite well.  Topps definitely did a solid job of making the manupatch look like a small version of an end zone, with the team logo really standing out nicely on the grass green background since it's sort of stitched with some shiny material that almost makes it look hologram-like.  What REALLY makes this card, though, is a fantastic photo, especially for a set with such a theme:  not only is this a super fun shot of Braylon and TE Dustin Keller celebrating what I'd have to assume was an Edwards TD (you think he gets that excited when other people score?), the photo perfectly includes a ref making the ubiquitous TD signal in the background--how cool is that?

If you cheated and checked out the tags for this post first for some reason, you'll notice that another milestone came up.  I wasn't referring to the aforementioned 511 football PC cards since that would be pretty odd.  Nope, this just happens to be Braylon card #40 for me!  That means this card placed him along in second behind Jake Long's 46 as the sole members of my 40 football hit club, which will likely be joined very soon by Henne and Mike Hart (35).

Now that this card arrived, I have one more Blowout package coming, which you'll hopefully see soon.  Once June rolls around I'll begin what'll likely be a week or two worth of posts featuring the really nice stuff from my in-person purchase.  Until then, dance celebrate your TDs like nobody's watching!

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