Sunday, May 6, 2012

Card show report: 5/5/12: Michigan stuff edition

Yesterday's TMV post covered most of my day's activity at a show during which I landed a couple autographs from former Michigan QB Rick Leach.  I did want to make sure to highlight the small handful of Michigan pickups I nabbed, though.  Each and every one of these seven cards represents a new member to their sport's PC, which I was thrilled about, not to mention the relatively low price I paid for each:

2004 TK Legacy Michigan autos:

Ali Haji-Sheikh:  K, 1979-1983 
Curt Mallory:  DB, 1989 
Greg McMurtry:  WR, 1986-1989 
John Kolesar:  WR, 1985-1988
Mike Lantry:  K, 1972-1974
Ron Johnson:  HB, 1966-1968
These ran me $3 each, which I consider a steal when they tend to go for at least twice that, even for more obscure players, online.  I now have 75 different Wolverines players and coaches in my football PC, and I hope to continue growing that number, most likely through the TK set.

And then I also picked up this beauty:
Andy Hilbert 2005-06 In the Game Nameplates Silver patch (1 of 20)
Yeah, it's from a Providence Bruins jersey instead of a Boston patch, but it's still a very cool card, plus a new player for my hockey PC!  Hilbert was a pretty good forward for the Maize and Blue who hasn't done much in the NHL, but as always, I'm more than happy to have something of him in the PC.

That's it for the show stuff, but I have a few different eBay things coming in the next week or so, then plenty of other stuff to scan up/show off.  As Rick Leach wrote in my book yesterday, GO BLUE!

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