Friday, May 4, 2012


I said in one of my recent posts that, after my crazy spending binge the first three months this year, I'd had taken a more rational approach in April, and at that point I had only spent $10 on a pair of cards from Blowout.  I did make one more purchase on the very last day of April, but it only cost me another $10.49 via eBay and I had a very good reason to buy it:

Cazzie Russell 2011-12 SP Authentic By the Letter M patch auto (#14/25)

I now have five out of the eight patches that spell out "Michigan" and I only need a "C", "A" and "N" to own the nameplate.  This one is easily my favorite because I'd be just as happy to have it alone--it may not look much like Michigan's "M" logo but it would suffice.  As with all the others of this collection it looks very cool and features an outstanding autograph.  Here's to continuing my progress towards getting something done!


  1. I can hear Homer Simpson now....

    1. Good, then I did it right.

    2. LOL!! Love the Homer pic as well :)

    3. Well my blog IS a play on a Simpsons quote, gotta get some references in there somewhere!