Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You can keep your Listia, I have my lists

(I'm not down on Listia at all--I'm just always behind the times on stuff like that, and I'm sure if/when I get into it, I'll be just as excited as you guys!)

Thanks to some more free time and various purchases over the last couple weeks, I've beefed up my Player Collections page by adding a few new players.  In addition to charter members Bill Freehan, Rich Hill and Zach Putnam,  you'll now find
 Chris Getz
Clayton Richard
 J.J. Putz
 Jake Fox
 Matt Miller
Ryan LaMarre

Just to be clear, I AM "supercollecting"--or at least my version of that--all of these players, so I'm happy to get whatever I can from anybody that can offer stuff.  If that sounds like a lot of projects, well, I am ADD like that sometimes, but it's not like I'm looking to go out and get 100% of these guys' cards by the end of the year or anything.  What's nice is this gives me a clear goal to work at, plus it puts the focus back on baseball collecting for me since I had swayed much more towards football recently.  My interest has since flipped back to these collections, which will be a lot of fun, even as I get major cards from both sports via eBay and COMC over the next few weeks.

In addition to these PCs, I plan to do a more casual list (and corresponding web album) for Barry Larkin, with the difference being that I'll only be listing what I have, not looking for stuff in checklist form, because supercollecting HIM would put me in over my head.  Getting the project going gets me more motivated to get things scanned and posted, though, so in many ways the combination of Google Drive and Picasa have been a boon to my collecting and blogging experiences.

As always, please feel free to shoot me a note if you have anything I can use (even doubles, since I'm happy to pad these collections, especially when my only copy exists in set form) because I'm very easy to work with and highly motivated to get some of these cards, which means big time loot for you!


  1. That first Getz it's pretty cool. It would be better in a Sox uniform, like the Richards one. You really should collect more White Sox cards, just saying.

    I couldn't imagine being a supercollector and having to have everything. Although, my player collections, I want one of everything I don't have. But I'm content never owning any big dollar cards too

    1. Well it's not Getz's fault that the ChiSox were stupid and let him go because they wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them in the ass and said "Hey! I'm a good thing!"

      Nah, I'm not at all worried about going 100%, especially for the guys with more than 50 or 100 cards. Things are looking up for the lesser guys like Matt Miller, though!