Monday, September 24, 2012

Feeling blue but like a Titan too

Well, Saturday could have gone a lot better, and sadly Notre Dame fans will have something to brag about for a year (FOR ONCE), but you can't win 'em all, right?  Anyway, the goal of a Big 10/Big Ten/B1G/Big Televen+1 Conference Title is still 100% possible in one of the conference's weakest years in history.

On that note, not to mention the Lions' incredible and incredibly fun-to-watch-even-though-we-lost Sunday blowout with Tennessee, here's some fun stuff I picked up on Blowout a week or two ago:

Here we've got two autographed 5x7s of Mike Martin (one from the Combine and one in a Michigan uni during a Wisconsin game), plus one of Steve Hutchinson from his Minnesota Vikings days.

The seller purported to have obtained a ton of these signatures from Tennessee Titans training camp, and at $7 shipped for the three of these, I figured, why not?

Martin was a huge force as a DT during his four-year Wolverines career, and he was a major reason why the Michigan defense of 2011 was as good as it was.  A beast who could blow up plays in the backfield, especially when it counted the most, Martin was selected WAY too low, chosen by the Titans during the 3rd round of the 2012 draft, #82 overall.  Because of his football smarts, drive, and talent, I wouldn't be shocked of he at least enjoyed a solid career in the NFL.

I think the seller could have gone with a better photo not from the Combine, but that's ok since the "Go Blue" pic more than makes up for it.

I've written a decent amount about Hutchinson here, I think, so all I'll say is that I think it's cool that the wildly successful college star has had an outstanding HOF-caliber career and that I'm proud to see him continue to add to his legacy in Tennessee.

They may be gone from Ann Arbor, but you can be sure with these additions to my collection that I will remember these Titans.  LEFT SIDE!  STRONG SIDE!

(For more of my (not-quite-completely-scanned) UM autographed memorabilia PC, take a gander at this link!)

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  1. Hi love the Rudy was offsides tag BTW :} but in other news all of my better UM stuff is posted and I hope theres some good PC stuff 4 ya! Go Blue win the Big 10 TY!!!!