Sunday, September 30, 2012

Card show report: 9/30/12

If you checked out my post at TMV today, you'll see that I hit up another edition of the monthly card show in Taylor.  My TMV-related haul wasn't huge, but it did include a sweet Bill Freehan 8x10 Tigers auto, so if you didn't see that for some reason, go check it out!

Meanwhile, I did make two purchases that netted me a few new Wolverines hits, including a few newcomers!:

Jake Long 2012 Topps NFL Captain's Patch manupatch:
As far as Topps' manurelics go, this gets a good grade from me, partially because I don't think the idea of team captains is referenced very often in football cards.  I'd been wanting this one since I knew about the set (and would also love to get the Woodson *hint hint*) and when I saw a guy had one for $5, I decided to get it then and there instead of trying to save maybe $1 online.  For those of you counting at home, Long still owns the football AND all-sport leads and now sits at 54 hits.

My next purchase included these five cards, plus another you'll likely see on this blog at some point, for $25:
Brandon Graham 2010 SPx auto RC (#119/140):
When this seller noticed I was flipping through his Michigan hits, he pulled out a small handful of his latest pickups, including this gorgeous Graham auto/RC.  Seriously, thanks to the beautiful combo of the Michigan uniform and UD's choice of color/design, I have zero nits to pick (though you on-card auto purists are free to  have at it if you'd like).  This is probably my favorite Graham auto, though the Sweet Spot ones do give it a run for its money.
Darnell Hood 2007 TK Legacy auto
Larry Cipa 2007 TK Legacy auto
Paul Jokisch 2004 TK Legacy auto
Scott Dreisbach 2007 TK Legacy auto
And a quartet of TK Legacy autos closes things out.  The seller had a decent number more autographs from this set, but to keep my spending reasonable, I chose these guys.  Hood played DB from '03-'06 which means he spent most of his career playing during my college years.  Cipa was a QB from '71-'73 who did make it to the NFL, albeit briefly.  Jokisch played WR from '84-'86.  All three of those guys are collection newcomers that pushed my unique player total to 90.  Think I can hit 100 by the end of the year?  Dreisbach, of course, was a QB from '95-'98, and I already had a couple other autos of his, also from TK Legacy.

Considering I was trying to keep my spending down today (at which I was fairly successful, actually), I think I did fairly well.

Stay tuned for some more cool stuff as it rolls in from eBay in the next week or so!


  1. Picked up a Michigan card for you today on Listia - not an auto or relic, but it is a rookie of a guy in Michigan uni. Got one more coming hopefully too!

    1. Sweet! Thanks for keeping me covered on Listia since I still haven't gotten in on that yet.

  2. I like that captain's patch, nice idea by Topps. Haven't said that in awhile.

    Definitely agree with the color on the Graham. That is a nice looking card.

    1. Definitely, and yeah, so when he said it was $5 I said "DEAL!"