Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trade with Dennis

trade-tmgrandersons02Jeff here, with just a quick post to show the awesome card that Dennis game me a few weeks back.  We met at the Fan Appreciation Youth Day at The Big House for a quick trade.  To see the other stuff he gave me you’ll have to check it out over at My Sports Obsession.  I know the football players because I watch the football team.  But, I think I get more excited when I get a baseball autograph from a Michigan player.  Baseball is and will always be my first love.  I think all the ones I’ve gotten, and there are only a few, have come from Dennis.

I’ve been picking up some more Michigan stuff for myself and Dennis lately.  I got them all scanned and I just have to get the posts ready.  Just in case your tired of all that awesome stuff Dennis gets for himself and want to see some cheap hits off Ebay.  Don’t want to spoil you now.

Dennis, I’m going to get you out a package next week of some cards.  I still owe you lots more but at the rate you buy cards, I’m going to get a small stack and then send them along to you to try to lesson and duplicate purchases from either of us.

I hope all you Michigan fans out there are looking forward to getting that horrible loss last Saturday in the rear view mirror.  Count yourself lucky, because if you live here, in the South Bend area, all the Notre Dame fans are talking smack because they pummeled Navy and we lost.  Yes, that’s right, that’s how stupid they are.  It doesn’t matter that we’ve beaten them the last 3 years or 4 of the last 5.  It doesn’t matter that we played one of the best teams in the country while they played freaking Navy.  Even my stepdaughter, who’s probably never watched a whole football game said “but doesn’t Navy suck” after hearing the score.

I think the state of Michigan needs to get rid of that whole no-fault insurance so I could consider moving to Ann Arbor, there are way to many stupid ND fans around here for my liking.  I need to be with my own kind before I kill someone.

Anyways, stay tuned for a few more posts from myself and I’m sure Dennis has some great stuff planned.


  1. Sweet, can't wait to get more stuff! And yeah, you definitely need to move to Ann Arbor before you buy into all that "returning to glory" hype, and also before Brian Kelly's head explodes, leveling a 200-mile radius.

    1. What are you talking about, they've returned to glory already. They beat Navy, apparently that was all it took. Yeah right! They haven't been to glory in 20+ years, there's no chance I'll buy into that.