Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This post goes to 11 (Rich Hills)

Apologies in advance for what's unavoidably a dull post:

SportLots proved to be a useful source for a small chunk of Rich Hills I need for his PC--for under $5 shipped I was able to grab 11 of the 20 2008 UD Documentary cards of my favorite Michigan pitcher.

Documentary was a ridiculously goofy set that fortunately was discontinued after its maiden voyage.  The set is beyond enormous, which would be one thing, but for whatever reason, all images of a player are repeated over the course of a total of 10 base cards and their gold parallel each.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the topic of the card's front, which continues on the back in the form of a box score and game recap, has nothing to do with the pictured player 99% of the time.

All the same, I'm trying to snag all of them for the PC, so here's the 11 I grabbed:

I included the backs so if you hadn't ever seen these before you wouldn't think I was making up something so ridiculous you'd think Topps came up with it.

This haul gives me 9/10 base cards and 2/10 Golds.  Thanks to other pending purchases I'll soon have everything minus three Gold versions, which I'm not exactly rushing to pick up.

This package puts the Hill PC at 85 cards, and 91 if you count 1/1s.  The century mark is getting closer by the day!


  1. I picked up a hobby box at a Wal-Mart for $24.99 (got one auto) but, some of the players are not stars and I'm trying to match up faces with other cards in hopes to identify them. Aweful set, I got about 1,000 cards (and none of the people on the front are involved in the game on back). Very Topps like! :)

    1. Yeah, just a totally goofy set! Do you remember who the auto was, out of curiosity? What's funny is as Topps-like as I'm complaining this is, Topps actually did this set right in the form of Total, though without the Documentary aspect of it, I guess. I do remember UD doing that "40 Man" set that was even more comprehensive than Total, plus it actually made some sense, but Documentary is just a hot mess of confusion and overabundance.