Sunday, September 2, 2012

A bit of housekeeping on a blue Sunday

Well, THAT certainly could have gone a lot better, but it's over and there's still 11 games and a Big Ten title to chase.

Anyway, because I spun this blog off from Too Many Verlanders I've finally got around to separating my player wantlists and player collections so I'd have more stuff organized over here.

On the top bar you'll now see a few new Pages.  The first is my Singles/Players wantlist, most of which was taken from the TMV list (so that's only baseball over there now).  Although it's probably obvious, this is a list of all the Wolverines players I collect, as well as images/links to COMC versions of some singles I'm interested in (and definitely don't have--I keep this list very up-to-date) to give you guys ideas of what I like.

Next is a direct link to my TMV trade bait page since there's no reason to duplicate that.  It's something I need to beef up a bit, but it has pretty much all of my better cards available for trades right now.

After that is Player collections, which is intended to show off the stuff I have of my three current supercollections--Bill Freehan, Rich Hill and Zach Putnam--as posted on Picasa, plus link to my Google Docs checklists of those three guys so you can see what I have (or have incoming) should you decide to send me anything of them.

Finally, I made a separate section for showing off any nameplates and rainbows I've completed.  While I've got a few things in the works, I've only completed the Cazzie Russell nameplate, but that's a perfect place to show it off, no?   Hopefully I'll have more to add to that section soon.

I hope these new pages/links make things more useful for the few of you that check in over here sometimes.  Thanks in advance for anyone that helps me with any of my PCs and projects!


  1. I'll do my best to help out once I've caught up on my other trades.

    1. Thanks, buddy! No rush, though--I actually have some stuff to send you if I can ever get my COMC loot shipped.