Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perils of PCing: awful multiplayer cards

After I picked up yet another Rich Hill on COMC this afternoon, a card that pairs Rich and former Brewer Ben Hendrickson, I began to wonder how bad some people's PC multiplayer cards could get, so I posed the question over on Blowout.  But I'm just as interested in getting feedback from any of you that check this blog out.

My example (which is a card I don't yet own) is this:
a 2008 Triple Threads booklet that also includes former Cub Sam Fuld, whose only claim to fame includes being traded to Tampa in the deal that brought Matt Garza to Chicago.  The biggest insult is that I have to pay a ridiculous premium for this card due to the fact that it's a booklet, and with two players no less, but that's the way it goes when you're trying to collect one of everything of a player.

Now I realize Rich Hill is no star himself, but he's a player I like to collect, and if he was for some reason paired with, say, Randy Johnson,
while I'd consider it a goofy matchup, I'd definitely appreciate the card (and I do), although I'd certainly understand a Randy Johnson collector looking at this card and yelling "THEY PUT THE BIG UNIT WITH HIM?!"

So now you have my example, and with that in mind:  what's the worst multi-player hit you own or have seen in the PC of a player you're trying to collect?


  1. Gonna post on your blog instead of Blowout (haha).

    Seneca's is hard - oddly he's rarely the terrible guy on the card, but he's really no great shakes also so I guess I can't expect much haha. His best (by far) is when he was paired with Antwaan Randle El.

    Otherwise hee's got duals with Dave Ragone, Kliff Kingsbury and Brian St. Pierre, and Marcus Pollard. He has a triple with Ken Dorsey and Chris Simms. Also has a quad with St. Pierre, Rex Grossman, and Taylor Jacobs.

    I'd say the worst has to be his dual with St. Pierre. Sure Kingsbury only played two snaps and Ragone was 0-2 with two loses in his rookie year after David Carr was hurt, but St. Pierre somehow hung on as a journey man enough to play 3 games over 3 very different seasons. We're talking 2004 with Pittsburgh, 2009 with Arizona, and 2010 with Carolina in a street free agent spot start where he completed less than 50% of his passes and threw two ugly picks.

    I guess that almost makes him cooler than Kliff Kingsbury for somehow hanging on. But they're both awful combos.

    1. Cool, thanks for posting here! Yeah, I agree those are some pretty rough combos, but at least you're big on the player you're collecting so it's a bit easier to overlook those duds.