Friday, September 14, 2012

Michigan Sports Obsession

As both of us have now mentioned a few times, Jeff and I hung out before attending the Michigan-Air Force game last Saturday, and that worked out in my favor since he brought some sweet trade stuff.  Besides some Tigers, which you'll find over at TMV, he included these five Wolverines for my PC:

Brandon Graham 2010 Epix Signatures auto (#059/499):
I've got a nice, growing number of Graham 2010 auto RCs, but I didn't have this one!  It's a pretty cool design, and serial-numbered to boot, but it also has a cool design feature that's tricky to see unless you tilt the card the right way, which means a scan won't pick it up.  This snapshot sort of gives you an idea:
So that's my 10th "regular" Graham auto to go along with a manuhelmet auto and a plate.  Not bad at all.
David Terrell 2001 Bowman's Best jersey RC (#472/999):
I really, really like some of Bowman's Best's designs, especially some of the earlier ones from the aughts.  A great design goes well with this solid jersey piece and a serial number to tie it all up in a nice package.  Milestone alert:  this card adds Terrell to the football 30-hit club!
Jake Long 2008 Bowman Fabric of the Future:
It's been a while, but definitely throw this one in the "didn't I already have one?" pile.
Jake Long 2008 SPx Rookie Materials Football Shape Dual dual jersey (#061/119):
I've got a few different versions of the Long from this set, including dual shields, dual whatever these are, and dual letters "S" and "X" from the "SPx" logo.  Up until this trade, however, I didn't have dual FOOTBAW.  This pair moves Long up to a collection-leading 53 cards, though I'll ominously mention my impending COMC package to keep y'all guessing how things may shake out later.
Marquise Walker 2002 Topps Debut All-Star Materials jersey:
Jeff picked one of these up for me after getting one for himself, as noted in his most recent Cheap eBay Wolverines post.  Not much to say except I really like what I see--the card clearly states the relic is from the Senior Bowl, Walker is wearing his winged helmet, and the relic is in a window that can be seen front and back:
Very cool indeed.  Make it a great eight for Walker, who's a player I clearly need to collect more!

Thanks again for the sweet Wolverines, Jeff!  It was fun picking up some new ones while I overstock myself on COMC and wait for those to get shipped.  The football PC now stands at 561 cards (724 for all four sports) and I can't wait to see where I'll end up by the time the COMC stuff gets tallied as well.

On that note, I hope everyone has a great weekend and that Michigan justifies an embarrassing point spread against UMass.  GO BLUE!


  1. Ah, David Terrell. We had high hopes for him in Chicago.

    1. Yeah, I was always disappointed he didn't pan out. Then again, I'm kind of dubious of anybody the Bears pick up now--they still think Cutler can be a winning QB!

  2. Um, about that point spread today. Lol

    We looked good and I liked the ball getting spread around. Granted it was against UMASS but it was a great game to go into the ND game next week. Confidence wise, it definitely helps.

    GO BLUE!!!

    1. Yeah, I know! I thought we'd struggle a bit more than that to score to the point where if we did make it, it would look like we were running it up on purpose. Definitely a confidence-builder going into a key game next week!