Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cheap Ebay–Wolverine Style

Jeff here, as you already know Dennis got us some tickets to last weeks game and we had a blast.  A little close for comfort but definitely makes it a great game.  Some great defensive stops at the end to prevent us from having heart attacks.   Between being up in Ann Arbor and hanging with all the maize and blue faithful and getting a glimpse of Dennis’ huge collection has gotten me off my ass and finally gotten around to posting my cheap Ebay pick-ups from last month.

ebay07a ebay07b

This was a 13 card lot that I picked up for $3.50/shipped.  I already had 1 card so it ended up being a 12 card lot which puts it at $.29 per card.  Mostly newer cards with a Desmond Howard card thrown in there.  A great lot for me, 12 cards, all Wolverine jersey’s featured and $.29 a card.  How could I turn that down?

ebay11     ebay12

Marlin Jackson – 2005 Sage Hit Autograph ($2.29)

Marlin Jackson – 2005 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Senior Standouts jersey ($2.29)

I got these 2 and the following 2 all from the same seller and took advantage of his shipping costs.  I also picked up a few cards for Dennis which I took to him last weekend.  Marlin Jackson has always been a favorite Wolverine and one who has also played for the Colts.  I was really getting into Michigan football again when he was playing so he was one of those guys I’ve followed for awhile.

ebay13   ebay15

Marquise Walker – 2002 Topps Debut Senior Bowl Jersey ($2.29)

Victor Hobson – 2003 Topps All American Fabric of America Jersey ($2.29)

A couple of Senior Bowl pictures but they still have the famous winged helmet’s on so I went for it.  Plus all of them qualify for the $3 and under rule that I use when do my cheap pick-ups.  Like I said above, I got all 4 of those from the same seller at $2.49 for shipping.  I picked up 7 cards from him (3 went to Dennis) with that shipping cost.

 ebay10   ebay14

Alan Branch – 2007 Press Pass Gridiron Graphs autograph ($2.37)

Bennie Joppru – 2003 Topps All American Fabric of America jersey ($2.49)

The Alan Branch auto I picked up for $1.62 with $.75/shipping.  The Bennie Joppru I picked up with free shipping (along with another card for Dennis).  You can’t talk about Alan Branch without showing the following photo.  I know it’s a favorite of both Dennis and I.

These are the Michigan cards I’ve added to the Michigan Collection, if I kept better count, I could tell you how many cards I have but Dennis is way more organized than I am.  Maybe I should do that sometime.  Don’t wait for me on that though.  It’s taken me a month just to get these posted.


  1. 1. I love that die-cut Avant, that's sweet!
    2. You really picked up some great other stuff too, and I love that I don't have to be jealous about at least one of them--thanks for bringing those again, I'll post them soon.
    3. Plus 1,000,000 points for using the Branch/PSU pic AND using the "Alan Branch Kills QBs" tag!

  2. great stuff, I am also a fellow collector of UM football player cards. I have built up a large collection and Im in the process of selling it through my ebay store. I have hundreds of UM alumni cards some autos some UM GU jerseys etc etc please contact me for these if intrested Ive been enjoying reading this blog for a few months.

    1. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I didn't see much Michigan stuff I could use outside of the Koger auto, but if you get more stuff up, let me know and I can send you an offer outside of eBay to save you on fees if you'd like.

  3. God I loved all those guys but especially Jackson and Walker they were legit All Big 10 guys Sorry I forgot to say but My Ebay Store is cardboardphene