Wednesday, September 12, 2012

J.J. Putz the "mini" in "Michigan"

Getting my Freehan, Hill, and Putnam collections all scanned up and listed in Google Docs got me rolling on getting that process going for some of my other baseball PC players because I had so much fun doing it.  Although I haven't scanned anything additional for them (yet), I managed to create similar lists for former Wolverine pitchers J.J. Putz and Clayton Richard, with the same intention of trying to grab as many non-1/1s as was reasonable, plus whatever else I could turn up.

That led me to the usual searching on eBay last week, and THAT led to a fun coincidence:  two different sellers were offering printing plates of a player I collect, leading me to throw down about $10 a pop on these:

What you're seeing is the Black and Yellow printing plates for J.J. Putz's 2012 Topps Mini card.  Had either been by itself I may have passed, but in this case I managed to get more than half off of one of them with a best offer, then nabbed the other for about the same price, giving me half of the set of plates in one shot!  I'm not the type to buy a box like Mini, but I do think it's kind of a fun set, even in spite of Topps' usual set overload.  The plates seem to be very easy to pull, which makes them reasonably cheap and not that hard to find.  In fact, I'd love to find the other two, but as usual, I won't throw that much time or money at it because I'm not really a completest when it comes to stuff this rare.  Anyway, it's always fun nabbing printing plates, and getting a pair of these, which are minis at that, was a lot of fun.  Also, the photo is goofy in a funny way, so it's got that going for it.

According to my lists, I now have 14 total Putz cards, including one other hit (this autograph), but I do have a bunch more coming in from COMC at some point.

I hope to catch up on some other posts soon, including trades with a couple awesome bloggers, but this seemed like an easy way to get something quick up this afternoon while I try to enjoy the tail end of some gorgeous Michigan Weather.  Don't be a Putz, get outside and GO BLUE!


  1. congrats on the pickups! love me some plates!

  2. This is J.J. we're talking about, so I think it should be "platz." Thanks!