Thursday, August 23, 2012

An embarrassment of Riches

I have way more Rich Hills than Mario Manninghams, but I couldn't name my blog after Hill since it didn't fit with my homage to fictional Simpsons movie "Too Many Grandmas," after which my other blog was christened.  So while Rich doesn't have the honor of being this blog's namesake, he's my #1 baseball hit leader, and second only to football star Jake Long in the overall PC.  That, and today was a big day for the former Wolverine hurler as hit #50 arrived in my mailbox fresh from a Blowout seller:
Rich Hill 2008 Topps Triple Threads Sepia triple jersey auto (#09/75)

I worked out a mutually-agreeable deal with the seller and nabbed this beauty of a triple jersey/auto, my fourth such version from that set so far (out of an apparent 18), including a "base," Emerald, and White Whale version.  They've all come at pretty reasonable prices, especially considered how much of a premium people have to pay to pull them.  Hell, I'm often surprised they don't arrive with huge dings in them from people throwing them at the wall after yelling "I PAID $200 FOR A BOX OF THESE AND PULLED RICH FREAKIN' HILL?!"

Well, someone's loss was my gain, and now I have half a century's worth of Hill hits!  Please have a look at my scanning-in-progress selection of Hills in my PC, as well as the checklist detailing my pursuit of his supercollection.

Stay tuned for more on my supercollections as cards continue to trickle in!

Oh, and one other quick milestone I should mention:  please welcome this here blog's 100th post!  Thanks to all of you who actually read it and comment, and of course, to Jeff who wrote a good share of those himself. I'll do my best to keep content coming, but definitely look forward to more stuff come football season very soon.


  1. Thanks! If you can come back from the dead, I think I can manage at least another 100 posts.