Saturday, April 14, 2018

3/18/18 card show report: working hard for Wolverines

As I explained on TMV this evening the second show I hit up last month was a bit different--different location, different sellers.  While that ultimately meant that what I took home was less than usual, I still found a few Wolverines to add to the ol' collection.  This time it was a 100% football affair.  Check it out:
First up is a pair of 2017 RCs:  Denver TE Jake Butt from Donruss and Cleveland...I dunno, LB/DB?...Jabrill Peppers out of Prizm.  That's my third of Butt (that's right, I've almost got a Dr. Mephisto special!) and second of Peppers, and I have to say I was surprised to find the latter in a box of relatively cheap stuff!
It also came as a bit of a shock to me to find this insert of a guy who's both a Michigan alum and current Detroit Lion.  Evoking images of '94 Finest baseball Here's backup QB Jake Rudock on a 2016 Donruss Optic Red and Yellow parallel, which probably also could have been called "Primary Colors".  I hope the Lions let him go and he gets a chance to start somewhere since the franchise continues to think highly of Matthew Stafford.
My other insert pickup was this Charles Woodson 2005 Playoff Honors Class Reunion that pairs the school's upcoming commencement speaker (I might have to try to make it to that!) with 2018 HOFer Randy Moss.  Both were drafted in 1998's first round with Woodson, who'll join Moss soon, going fourth overall, and the enigmatic but talented Marshall WR lasting until the 21st pick.  Moss is the first from that draft to be enshrined but won't be the last with Woodson and Peyton Manning sure to follow.
Just as I did on the baseball side of things I added a solid hit to tie things up nicely.  In this case it was a 2006 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Autographs auto (#22/99) of PC guy Braylon Edwards, my 72nd hit of the outspoken WR.  This is the solo version of Braylon's signature but of course the famed Passing the Torch set features dual cards as well, and Edwards was paired up with another former first-round WR for Cleveland, Paul Warfield, which kind of sucks since he played at Ohio State!  Then again, Warfield had twice as much success as Edwards in terms of years played and TD receptions, so there's that.  Anyway, it's a fun new autograph on one of my favorite designs, so I was happy to end my day by adding it to my purchase.

And now stay tuned for one more show recap covering the one from earlier this month, one that was a bit kinder in quantity.

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