Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 eBay purchases: coal in my stocking, and more!

While my purchasing has definitely gone down this year, at least in terms of money spent, I've still managed to turn up a few gems on eBay, and today we'll look at what I bought from sellers there in the final third of 2017:
Now that's a big Shoelace!  This 2015 Topps 5x7 Red (#13/25, almost a Christmas card!) of Denard came as a freebie from my favorite eBay seller after I snagged the two Rich Hill oversized issues you can see over on TMV today.  It was a fun throw-in to get and to add to my grown collection of the out-of-the-league RB.
Moving on and up, I added one new signature to my football hits collection, Devin Funchess 2015 Leaf Trinity Pure Autographs Charcoal auto.  Yep, there's the coal I mentioned despite the fact that I was so good this year!  Well, at least I got a break on the price (under $4.50 delivered back in mid-October).  You can find some very cool looking cards in Leaf's Trinity product, including ones with great jersey swatches and patches and some with fun autograph inscriptions.  Then there's these Pure Autographs, which totally merit a front/back scan for maximum effect.  Of course I love the college uniform aspect as well, making this an excellent card overall, and my second autograph (seventh hit) of the supremely talented WR.
Now it's time to get into the plates I mentioned on TMV.  Up first is one I didn't really expect to win:  a Yellow version of DL Taco Charlton from Panini's XR product this year.  The Dallas first-rounder was very productive at Michigan and has done some good things as a rookie for the Cowboys, so while I bid for fun, I was surprised to nab it for a bit over $10 shipped.  It's certainly a fun first hit of @TheSupremeTaco to add to my collection.
Sticking with 2017 Panini football products, this one was also a surprise, not because of the price--under $6 delivered--but because I didn't realize Ty Law was going to be appearing in any recent products.  When I saw this pop up in the results of my usual 1/1 search I did a double-take before confirming that it featured the former Michigan and Patriots star DB.  I'm still lacking an autograph of the future HOFer but it's nice to have a plate handy for a potential trifecta (or better)!
The plate fun spilled over into my hockey collection as well.  This Andrew Cogliano Cyan version from 2007-08 The Cup set me back a reasonable $7 on the first day of October, and it's another example of the "framed" style I like that UD has done in the past.  Cogliano is shown here with his original team, Edmonton, but has been with the Ducks for the past six-plus seasons.  I now count 11 hits of him in my collection with this being my first 1/1.
If Michigan Hockey alum Chris Brown's hometown of Flower Mound, Texas, seems strange for a hockey player, Jon Merrill's birthplace of Oklahoma City is up there as well.  A solid defenseman formerly with the Devils (don't tell Herm Edwards), he was selected by and plays for the upstart Vegas Golden Knights, the expansion team that's shocked the league by being the opposite of terrible this year.  He's shown here with the team that drafted him on a 2013-14 Dominion Cyan plate, a 1/1 I nabbed in mid-November for under $4.50 shipped.  As with everyone else here it's the first plate in his collection, plus it puts me at six hits of Merrill overall.

In general I'd say I had a productive last four months of the year on eBay.  Even though I didn't add a large quantity of cards the quality was very nice if I do say so myself.  And between both of today's posts I added five new 1/1s to my collection for a grand total of 94.  I now have surpassing the century mark in my sights in 2018!

That's it for eBay, but thanks to my laziness I still have plenty of 2017 purchases left to show off into next year.

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  1. Love that Regard...a beauty!
    I'm looking forward to 2018 Big Mo Hurst cards...now, will my Lions be smart enough to draft him.