Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 trade package #8: Sports Cards From the Dollar Store

You wouldn't know it by the score, but today's victory over Cincinnati was a close one for a large part of the game thanks to a pile of mistakes by the Wolverines.  Still, a win's a win, plus Michigan seems to have escaped the game with everyone healthy as far as I can tell, so I'm more than satisfied.  2-0!

Let's celebrate with a third straight 2017 trade package from buddy of the blog Canadoug, a.k.a. Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  A couple months ago he teased me with a partial image of a huge pull from his 2017 Score Football break, then sent that very card plus lots more football content (with a side of hockey) my way, and now I'm finally getting around to showing it all off.

Let's start with the sport of the moment, football:
From another of Doug's breaks, a box of 1989 Panini football stickers, here's career Packer LB John Anderson, whose RC I showed off in this post last April.  My brother and I were big into the baseball versions but not football, and frankly I can't even remember if they were available around here or what.  Anyway, it's nice to see a defensive guy here.

Next is a pair representing QB Tom Brady.  On the left is some pattern or another from 2015 Topps High Tek (which should just be "Tek" in my opinion since it sounds better), while on the right, Twelve is joined on a 2017 Score insert by since-departed RB Blount (off to be ineffective away from New England again) and out-for-the-year receiver Edelman.

Now let's take things back a bit to 1970 and a vintage OPC CFL issue of RB Dave Raimey.  This is my second Raimey as I have his card from the following year, also thanks to Doug, and it features a fantastic photo on a colorful design!

Now we'll get back to the present and this year's Prestige product.  This Panini offering almost always features college unis and excellent designs, and I'm happy to say that this year is par for the course.  Better yet, this Xtra Points parallel of shutdown corner Jourdan Lewis is Blue!  I'm looking forward to grabbing the base versions of all the first-year Wolverines from this one.
Speaking of football rookies, here's a four spot of those courtesy of Doug's 2017 Score break.  Once again I'm a big fan of this low-end Panini product and its simple design plus college action photos.  He was able to pull four extras, giving me my first RCs of TE extraordinaire Butt, DL beast Charlton, all-everything Peppers, and the also effective Wormley.  I'm excited about the Peppers the most because his college career means he'll get plenty of NFL hype, upping the prices of his cards... like this one, a Red parallel from the same product.  That looks nice, but I'm not the biggest fan of the color.  Maybe Doug could find something a bit different...

Yep, that'll do!  I was very happy for him to have pulled this because I'm sure it would have covered the price of the box, and now I'm even happier that he was generous enough to send it my way.  Of course I've wanted a Peppers auto since they were made and now I'm thrilled to own one with a college photo, low numbering, and a blue border to boot!  The first Cleveland Brown I'll be rooting for in quite a while is the 205th member of my football hits collection and I couldn't be happier to have him.

So why not throw in another to make it twice as nice?  Completing the tri-Pep-ta, here's an excellent maize & blue-theme Panini Father's Day College Memorabilia relic of the Cracked Ice variety.  Some of the Father's Day manurelics are fine, but I'm happier here with this blue college jersey.  Going from zero to two hits of Jabrill sure is exciting!

And now we'll finish up with a handful of hockey:

No doubt from one of Doug's favorite dollar repacks, this Knuble/Turco pairing hails from 2008-09 Upper Deck Victory, something like UD's answer to Score.
And finally, from last year we have an Upper Deck Trilogy Rainbow Green jersey (numbered 238/629) of Columbus D Jack Johnson, a former fan favorite in Ann Arbor.  It features a larger-than-usual jersey swatch, and a bold red one from the Blue Jackets' 'Murica-esque sweaters to boot.  That makes 13 hits of Johnson in my Michigan Hockey collection.

What an awesome wealth of Wolverines, Doug, and thanks again especially for the amazing Peppers stuff!  Once again I hope to return the favor soon.

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  1. I like the couple of Peppers (obviously). That auto is just a nice looking card.

    I've been bidding on the score cards when they come up with my parameters on Ebay but haven't been able to grab them under a quarter yet.