Sunday, September 3, 2017

2017 eBay purchase: do I like getting letters in the mail? Manu know I do!

I was probably going to post this today anyway, but now it's a fun celebration for a quality win over Florida yesterday.

You all know I love chasing manu-letter patch cards, especially those produced by Upper Deck.  And of course my favorites hail from 2008 SP Threads, which happens to boast what I consider the best design and includes guys from that year's draft class, my all-time favorite.

Back in late July I managed to track down another one I needed:
Here's the "A" from Adrian Arrington's last name, my fourth of the nine.  I can add that to an "N", "R", and "T" for his nameplate, plus an "I" from the Lettermen College Autographs version (which spells out "MICHIGAN").  Each of his letters is numbered to 28, and as always in this product, they have the look of a piece that came straight from a college jersey, not a pro one--a huge plus, in my opinion.

For under $10, I landed my 49th Arrington, which puts him very close to a fun milestone as I see to have him join the six others in my football PC to hit 50.

Here's to a less stressful game next weekend and a stress-free holiday weekend for everyone!

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