Saturday, November 19, 2016

2016 Michigan gameday #11: vs. Indiana

Coming off a disappointing loss at Iowa, the Wolverines are 9-1 and can still achieve almost all of their goals this season, minus an undefeated season.  That loss ended up making very little difference to Michigan's conference title and playoff hopes, so it's possible for the team to put it behind them and get back to work this week.

That work will be at home against a 5-5 Indiana team whose record sounds about right as they're as predictable as a coin flip--with a coin that can also land on its edge or turn into a twenty.  The Hoosiers have had some close ones against bad teams, but have also hung in with OSU, Nebraska, and Penn State.  And that doesn't even take into account the insanity that often ensues when they play the Wolverines!

Although Michigan is 55-9 in the series, and hasn't lost since 1987, there's been some interesting games, especially in the last five years.  Per MGoBlog's Bryan MacKenzie:
-In 2009, Indiana gained, and lost, the lead four separate times, losing it for good with two and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter. Indiana lost 36-33 despite outgaining Michigan by nearly a hundred yards. 
-In 2010, Ben Chappell put up 480 yards passing on 64 attempts, and Denard Robinson matched him with 494 yards of total offense on 11.4 yards per carry and 17.3 yards per pass. Indiana scored a touchdown with 1:15 remaining to tie the game, and promptly allowed a touchdown 58 seconds later. Michigan won 42-35
-In 2013, the teams combined for 1,323 total yards (more than 3/4 of a mile), with Indiana's 572 yards being dwarfed by Michigan's 751. Jeremy Gallon caught 14 passes for 369 yards. Michigan won 63-47.
-Last year, the teams combined for over 1,100 yards, including 440 passing yards from Jake Rudock. Michigan scored a touchdown on the last play of regulation to tie the game, and they won in double overtime on a goal line stop.
Believe you me, I remember each and every one of those games.

So I'm pretty sure there won't be any looking ahead to next Saturday's game until this one is over.  Instead, hopefully the seniors walk off the field as Victors Valiant in their final game in Ann Arbor.  Then, and only then, we can start talking about The Game.

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