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2016 COMC purchases: the quest for 15

We're halfway through the regular season and Michigan has roared out to a 6-0 record thanks to a historically dominant defense and pretty good offense--just ask Rutgers!  Things are starting to shake out like a repeat of 2006, when a team full of future NFL draft picks went 11-0 leading up to a huge #1 vs. #2 matchup with an undefeated Ohio State squad.  If that's the case this year, hopefully things go better for the Wolverines, who lost a close one to those Buckeyes, then a not-so-close-one in their bowl game.

With all that in mind, the goal this year is 15 wins:  12 in the regular season, one for the Big Ten Championship, and two in the playoff.  To that end, here's 15 Michigan Football hits--the last of my COMC pickups that need to be posted, which will get me all caught up (temporarily!)--which will hopefully give the team some good juju in the second half of 2016:
Jason Avant 2006 Playoff NFL Playoffs Signature Proofs Silver auto (#015/150)
Jason Avant 2006 Topps Triple Threads triple jersey auto RC (#67/99)
Avant has generally been a top 10 player in my collection--these give me 47 to tie him for seventh with Adrian Arrington--thanks to a nice number of hits to track down, like these two.  The Playoff card features one of my favorite types of stickers for that type of autograph, even if the signature got a bit cut off.  And the Triple Threads is my second from that set, with this being his "true RC" from the product and the other being a Red version with a "#81" relic pattern.
Anthony Carter 2013 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Jerseys dual jersey (#05/50)
AC joins the ranks of players with double-digit hits in my collection with this very cool double jersey out of Ultimate Collection, one of UD's nicer products.  Because Carter was considered such a big college star, many of his hits fall in collegiate-focused products, and that explains why nine of my ten hits of his are in a Michigan uniform.
Braylon Edwards 2005 Topps Rookie Throwback Jerseys jersey
Braylon Edwards 2006 Ultimate Collection Jerseys Silver jersey (#62/75)
Braylon Edwards 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Jerseys Blue jersey (#12) (#007/125)
Braylon Edwards 2010 Limited Monikers Autographs Gold auto (#08/25)
I can't say I was focused on him this time but just happened to find some nice prices on four new cards of Bray-Bray.  I liked the design of the Topps Rookie Throwback relic and its card-within-a-card.  Ultimate Collection makes another appearance today in the form of a tiny, numbered relic from 2006.  Upper Deck Heroes is one of my favorite products and I managed to score a numbered relic parallel of one of Braylon's issues from 2008.  And finally, I was happy to add another autograph of Edwards, and a low-numbered one at that, from 2010 Limited.  Edwards sits in third place in my collection with 68 hits.
Devin Gardner 2015 Panini Father's Day Rookie Class Jerseys Cracked Ice jersey
Here's a card I believe I acquired from Tim of GSNHoF fame in one of our many COMC deals.  From one of Panini's many Father's Day issues comes this very cool jersey swatch, even if it's from an "event-worn" jersey.  Most of these that I've seen elsewhere have pretty interesting swatches like this one, which includes a good chunk of the New Era logo.  The scan doesn't quite show it well, but this is the more limited Cracked Ice version, where the background has a shiny, fractured red look in the background.  It's a fun addition as my sixth Gardner.
Brian Griese 2003 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys jersey
This Brian Griese--my 15th--is a nice example of a jersey relic that could practically be called a patch.  It's got all three colors from the jersey, with a nice big chunk of blue and an orange stripe, plus a bit of stitching on the white section.  As nice as it looks it's no wonder why I was willing to pay a bit more than $2.50 for it, which is higher than I usually go for relic-type cards.  It's definitely one of my better looking relics of the journeyman QB.
Marlin Jackson 2005 Bowman's Best Blue auto (#046/299)
Here's another case where I threw down a bit more money than usual for a card:  $2.75 for this Marlin Jackson parallel autograph.  If I was a bit antsy to get it, that's because I'm working on the autographed and non-autographed rainbow of Jackson from this set, and I now need just the two Silver versions #d /25 to complete the project.  For whatever reason this was the best price I'd seen for the Blue auto, so I just decided to go ahead and make it my 21st card of the former DB.
Mario Manningham 2008 SPx Winning Materials NFL Dual 50 dual jersey (#20/50)
Mario Manningham 2013 Totally Certified Red Materials jersey (#240/299)
It may not be many, but here's two Manninghams, one for each of the teams for whom he played over his six NFL seasons.  The SPx card is my sixth of him from that product, five of which are from the Winning Materials and Rookie Materials groups.  Meanwhile, I'm not sure how many folks remember Super Mario playing his final two seasons, 2012-13, with the Niners, and scoring a single TD in 2012 over 18 games before being derailed by injuries.  Mario continues to be a huge part of my collection as the fifth player to reach the 60-hit mark!
Denard Robinson 2013 Prestige NFL Passport Autographs auto
Denard Robinson 2015 Donruss Threads jersey
I don't know what Denard's NFL future is considering he's barely seen the field this year, but that won't stop me from collecting him; I don't base those decisions on NFL performance anyway.  So I'll keep adding everything I can of one of the most electric players I've ever witnessed in Ann Arbor, like these two Panini-branded hits.  The Prestige card is nice as it's my 16th of #16 that features an autograph, plus it notes Shoelace's school front and center.  Meanwhile, the jersey relic is a nice, simple attempt out of last year's Donruss product, which is generally one of my favorites.  Robinson is closing in on 30 hits in my collection as this pair gives him 28.
David Terrell 2001 Topps Reserve Autographs auto

Finally, I have a very nice David Terrell (but not Anthony Thomas!) autograph to show off from 15 years ago, which is crazy to me as that's the year I graduated high school and headed to UM for college.  I remember the former #1 putting up some huge numbers in 2000, so this card brings back some nice memories for me, and it doesn't hurt that it's a good looker too.  Reserve was only around in 2001 and '02, but it resulted in some solid designs like this on-card autograph of Terrell, representing my 43rd hit (three behind A-Train, if you're curious) of the star receiver.

With this post I'm finally caught up on all my COMC pickups from this year, plus everything else I had in-hand in terms of purchases, actually.  That won't last too long, however, as I have some baseball PC additions via eBay that should be arriving this week, so watch for those this week as Michigan prepares for its homecoming game against Illinois.

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