Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 Sportlots purchases: Kelly Dransfeldt and Steve Howe

Over on TMV this evening you saw some Sportlots pickups of Lou Whitaker.  While I was nabbing those (and a bunch more cards for my football RC project), I found a few more of a couple Wolverines baseball PC guys too:
Kelly Dransfeldt 1999 Bowman Chrome Refractor
I can't believe I needed this Dransfeldt Refractor as long as I did, but for whatever reason it was impossible to find it at a price I considered reasonable.  While I enjoy collecting the guy, I couldn't justify spending more than a buck on this.  As it turns out, a buck was enough.  The '99 Bowman Chrome design ended up being a good one for Refractors, but as usual, what Refractor doesn't look great?

This shiny parallel creeps me over the 50% mark of his collection with 23 of his 45 issues.
Steve Howe 1993 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel, 1994 Stadium Club First Day Issue, 1994 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel, 1995 Collector's Choice Gold Signature, 1995 Donruss Press Proof, 1995 Pinnacle Artist's Proof
And a six pack of Steve Howe parallels.  Three of these hail from '93 and '94 Stadium Club, as did a couple of the Whitakers.  While Howe's photos aren't as nice, I've always liked how well the '93 First Day Issue stamp scans.  Howe's Collector's Choice Gold signature card wasn't as expensive as Lou's, but it was almost as much of a pain to get, so I'm glad to knock it off the list.  The last two cards are of the proof variety--"press" for Donruss and "Artist's" for Pinnacle.  The Donruss card looks nice with its gold foil, but give me my all-time favorite Pinnacle set from '95 any day of the week; as much of the product as I busted back in the day I never pulled one of these!

These give me 74 of Howe's 81 cards with another incoming, so I'm past the 90% mark.  With a trio of autographs from '96 Leaf Signature to track down, though, it won't be completely smooth sailing from here!

I'll get back to trade posts soon, but you should also get ready to see cards from the last show I attended, eBay, and COMC, not to mention the rest of the Rookie Blue series.

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