Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 trade package #4: Sit down before opening!

Welcome, TMV readers who actually wandered over here today because I pumped up the awesomeness of the contents of my February trade package from Doug at SCFtDS!  This will be the 36th time I've shown off cards from him on this here blog, so I don't think I need to reiterate how considerate and generous of a trader Doug is--wait, I just did--so let's get down to the loot!:
Denard Robinson 2013 Topps Museum Collection RC
This higher-end Shoelace RC is the "worst" card I'll be showing off today, so set your expectations accordingly.  I'll give it a grade of "not bad for Topps" while rejoicing over another card getting knocked off for my football RC project.  I haven't posted everything I landed of him from last year yet but I now own 22 of Denard's 27 rookies from 2013.  Not bad!
Jon Merrill 2013-14 Totally Certified Rookie Autograph Jerseys jersey auto
The NHL is in full swing with the playoffs looming, so let's get down to some hockey content.  Kicking things off alphabetically is my fifth hit of Devils D-man Jonny Merrill, a guy who actually just celebrated his 24th birthday last month.  This shiny Panini auto/jersey is my second such card of him I own, and the other three include signatures as well.
Brendan Morrison 2007-08 Artifacts Frozen Artifacts Silver jersey (#060/100)
Next up is a solid jersey swatch of blog favorite and NCAA champ Brendan Morrison.  As a Silver parallel this one is numbered to 100, and Morrison had exactly 60 penalty minutes the year before this card was made, so that's an eBay 1/1, y'all.  Brendan's 24 hits in the hockey collection trail only Marty Turco's 31.

There was one last hockey hit in the package (one of the aforementioned "doozy" cards), and I want to give it the proper introduction.  Here's how it came packaged:
*turns the thing over*
*tries to sit down, realizes he's already sitting down, continues to sit, undoes stickiest tape known to man, gets tired, takes a nap...*
Shawn Hunwick 2012-13 Panini Prime Prime Time Rookies Jerseys Patch patch (#08/10)

*looks at it again*

Still WOW.  That is a damn fine patch of hockey PC guy Shawn Hunwick.  What I want to know is how Doug managed to undersell this as an "insanely great patch" when it's obvious that it's more the speed of "super sick mojo patchtastic extreeeemze WOW."  See that you can be more accurate next time, my friend.

This is simply a wonderful addition to my collection overall, plus it fills a big need from Hunwick's checklist, the 21st card of his 71 I've landed to-date, and also my 10th hit of the goaltender (milestone time!).  I wasn't looking forward to trying to land one of these suckers which are numbered to just 10, but with Friends like Doug, who needs money?

I think that patch alone was worth the price of admission, but I saved this card for last as it shows just how much effort he's willing to put into finding and acquiring cards to send your way:
Karl Kauffmann 2015 Leaf Perfect Game All-American Classic Game-Day Printing Plate Yellow (1/1)
A printing plate--pretty sweet, right?  I was certainly geeked, I mean that's my 48th 1/1 of any type, which is very exciting.  But who exactly is Karl Kauffmann?  I'll admit the name didn't exactly ring any bells for me, so off to Google I went...only to find out that the pitcher is a Michigan native who recently signed on to join the Wolverines baseball team this fall!  If I'm doing the math correctly, that probably means that Doug has been the quickest to help me add a new Michigan guy to my collection by doing so BEFORE HE EVEN MADE IT TO ANN ARBOR.  What a very cool piece to own as I can now watch Kauffmann's college career with even more interest.  Oh yeah, and KK just happens to be the 25th member of my baseball PC.

Thanks once again for finding new ways to go above and beyond, Doug!  I look forward to your reaction to the response I'll be sending your way this weekend.


  1. Whoa!!!! Awesome cards. Doug went all out.

    1. Seriously! I should just make sure I'm sitting down for all of his trade packages at this point.