Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 eBay purchases: letters in the mail

With my most recent trade package posted and in the books, how about some cards from eBay?  These are actually my most recent purchases, so I may be setting some sort of record for getting them posted!

While doing some of my usual eBay perusing last week I decided to try to track down more letter patch cards since they're fun to collect and I've had some success completing nameplates (as you can see here).  I started out with a patch of a player with an ongoing nameplate and fortunately that led me to a pair of letters from a second player.  About $15 delivered and a week later, I have these guys to show off:
Jake Long 2008 SP Rookie Lettermen 'G' patch auto RC (#01/62)
Patch #1 is my second letter of Jake Long's very short "L-O-N-G" nameplate (I'd previously added the "O") as I continue to chase each of the 2008 Wolverines in that year's SP Rookie Threads.  It's also my third overall from the product since I have an "E" from the rarer Team Nickname plate.  This is still my all-time favorite letter set not only because of the presence of so many Wolverines, but also because of the patch design, which looks like it was ripped right off the back of a home jersey, whereas newer sets tend to go with consistent but uninteresting backgrounds.  Hopefully I can track down cheap copies of the "L" and "N" and add another nameplate to my collection!
Roy Roundtree 2013 Upper Deck Rookie Lettermen manupatch auto 'E' (#12/50) and 'N' (#27/50)
I guess I'm about to start a forest because I acquired a pair of 'Trees!  The "N" card came from the same seller as the above Long (hooray combined shipping!) while the "E" came in at a bit more than $5 an hour or two later.  As I said earlier, I prefer the patch design on the '08 cards, but I'm still a fan of these as well, especially thanks to the use of the college photos.  This pair puts me at 20% of the "WOLVERINES" plate but since Roy's not quite as collectible as his former teammate Denard Robinson from the same set, I foresee this project being more reasonable on my wallet, even if it might take a while.

A quick run through my football collection gives me a total of 30 cards of this variety, and I'm happy to say I have at least a couple more on the way!

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